Sunday, February 2, 2014

Genius... but not.

Benjamin's quote of the week - "Cows don't drink water. Cows drink milk, people drink water". This of course was said in the "mama this book is being silly" voice. The astounding thing about this to me is that its a complex logic and verbal sentence, impressive for a two year old, but so hilariously wrong. We tried to explain that everything (all animals) drink water, but he wasn't buying it.

In other "genius... but not" -  We argued with Benjamin this week about whether it could be both Tuesday and Friday at the same time. He thinks all negotiation is possible, that everyone can be right. If he doesn't like your answer, he doesn't insist upon his own but rather merges the two. On that particular morning, I asked him "Do you know what day it is?" (he virtually never gets this right... but I think its good to talk about the days of the week), and he answered Friday. I said "no, its Tuesday! Today you go to daycare and we go to work". He said "It's FridayTuesday"... couldn't convince him otherwise!! He is starting to also have an opinion about what time it is - which is apparently always "Eleven". I told him today "it's not eleven, it's two O-eight. His reply? "It's eleven O-Eight"

The puzzling continues. Last Sunday, for the first time, we got out a floor puzzle he got for his Birthday. It is 24 pieces and is a cartoon style map of the US with little graphics all over it that characterize the states etc. By Thursday he was doing it entirely on his own. Of course, half the time he still insists on our help even though he is better at his puzzles than DH is.

Benjamin likes to point out violin's in pictures. There are a lot of alphabet things that have violin for V. Sesame street consistently has Elmo playing a violin as their "v"picture. In the above mentioned puzzle Tennessee has a guitar on it. Benjamin think's its a violin. We tried to explain the difference several times, and even showed him videos of guitars and violins. When we played the violin video for him he said it was "singing" and was totally fascinated. Today he told me he want's to play the violin. It would be awesome if he still feels that way in a year when he is old enough to possible start lessons! I really need to get my violin out and tuned up to show him and keep his musical interest alive.

I know.. .another kid "brag" post! Some day I will come up with something else to write about, but that day is not today.