Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Bowy Rodger

My son has an imaginary pirate ship. He calls it the Bowy Rodger. (As in the Bow of a ship). (It took us ages to figure out the correct pronuncation. We spent several weeks going "Bolly?" and him saying "no, Bowy" and us not hearing the difference). I have been meaning to write about it for ages. It just gets more and more elaborate as time passes and I am sure I will miss some things, but here is what I remember (in the order that I think I was told it). I intend to add to this post as he adds to his ship or as I remember things he has said, or as they are reported by other caregivers in his life.

The Bowy Rodger is big. Really big.
The Bowy Rodger is good pirates, not bad pirates.  
The Bowy Rodger is so big it would fill up the whole universe.
The Bowy Rodger is just a little big. It doesn't fill up the universe.
The Bowy Rodger is so big it would fill up the whole city, but only the outside part, not in people's houses.
The Bowy Rodger sometimes has bad pirates.
The Bowy Rodger is painted many colors, not just brown. It is painted red, and white, and blue, and green, and orange, and pink.
The Bowy Rodger is one of the many "Rodger" ships. It is the biggest Rodger.
The Bowy Rodger has really big cannons that shoot lightning and can break other ships.
The Bowy Rodger has one mast with two sails.
The Bowy Rodger can have birthday parties on it. That is why its painted so many colors.
The Bowy Rodger is big enough to fit a GREAT BIG DRAGON on it as a crew member because the Bowy Rodger is REALLY big.
The Bowy Rodger has a microscope pointed down into the water so you can look for germs.
The Bowy Rodger has a cabin (not all pirate ships do, but the Bowy Rodger does).
The Bowy Rodger's cabin is for baby dragons and baby dinosaurs to live in.

Added 4/5/15
The Bowy Rodger has warm, soft beds for Mom, Dad, Felicity and Ben
The Bowy Rodger has wheels when it goes on land, but not when its in the water
The Bowy Rodger has wings when it flies (but only when it flies)
The Bowy Rodger has a small button on the inside wall that the baby dinosaur's can press to change it into a Submarine
The Bowy Rodger is the biggest ship in the world. 


Aren't you just on tenderhooks to see what the Bowy Rodger gets next?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Week of DOOOOM

First. Housekeeping.
For the record, Felicity started sitting on the same day that I posed to the blog that she was not quite sitting yet. 2/23/2015. I went to pick her up from daycare and had her on my lap to put her socks and jacket on, and I realized I wasn't supporting her anymore. As of that moment, she can sit just fine, as long as she so desires (which might not be that long if there is something interesting she would rather lean or lunge for).

Now that that is documented...

This week sucks.
The sucktitude of this week so far is one for the record books. No ONE big thing has happened. We all have our general health, jobs, no car accidents, etc. I am sure a week can suck more than this one. But in terms of small things adding up... this week takes the cake. This blog post is my therapy about it.. I am well aware MANY things that went "wrong" are things I could fix by being more organized, but thats sort of the point really. I am just ridiculously sleep deprived, aggravated, and everything sucks. I do NOT want suggestions for how to "fix" anything here.

What I want is a hug and a "wow yeah that really sucks". No other comments welcome.

To set the stage... Felicity had a cough for a week. We went to urgent care on Friday and everything looked ok. Clear ears, clear lungs. We were told to see if it got better or worse. Saturday night it seemed to approve... then

Sunday Overnight - Felicity did not sleep hardly at all, unless it was upright in my arms. Coughing fits and general fussiness.

Monday - We had Ben' s Early Childhood assessment. I had looking forward to it for ages, I wanted to see what he did at it. I scheduled it specifically so I could be there and see it. But, Felicity was sick too and needed to see the doctor. DH stayed home to to sort out what to do with both kids. Because we got up/came downstairs later than normal, my auto-brew coffee had been sitting too long and had to be tossed. When I go to pack my pump bag I find out that I never put Friday's milk in the fridge, so it has to be tossed. Bye bye liquid gold. Felicity was fussy and did not want to be put down. I called the doctors office right at 8am when they opened and was on hold for 15 minutes. When they finally answered, I discovered my phone is broken and they couldn't hear me even though I could hear them fine. I had to hang up and call from DH's phone, wait on hold 15 minutes, and then be told "OK we will have a nurse call you back". So we had no idea when or if we could get Felicity to the doctor. We all headed out to Ben's assessment. Because we had to drive separately, I ended up trying to get both kids out of the car and into the place where the assessment was, juggling multiple bags, the carseat, and the three year old, who did not want to walk (he did walk though). We go to the assessment and its going fine, but then the doctors office calls in the middle of it. SO, I miss the part of the assessment I am most interested in, that I have been looking fwd to for months, to answer the phone. I schedule the appointment. DH takes Ben to daycare and I take Felicity to her appt. Because we did not know what would happen with it, we didn't think to pack the stroller or a baby carrier, so I have to carry her in a very long way from parking to the office, which is crowded and busy at 10am in the morning. (Also I had a feminine issue that I won't go into detail on here, but it made this even worse). We see the doctor and it turns out Felicity has a double ear infection that had popped up since Friday. The doctor prescribes antibiotics. I know that you are not supposed to jump right to antibiotics for ear infections, but I also know that if I DONT agree to the antibiotics it means I will need to come back in 24 hrs to have her ears checked again. So I agree to the antibiotics and feel like a bad mom. I take Felicity to daycare and drop her off, and go to work. At work everything is insane. It is the start of the month, which is always busy, but on top of that we have lots of bad cases we are dealing with (messy cases with mistakes, or cases where the client isn't very nice to deal with, etc). We are down a man. I am team lead, so on top of trying to catch up on my task for the day people keep bringing me all the nasty stuff, including my supervisor who seems to be having as bad of a day as I am. A migraine sets in. I should have expected a migraine because they are pretty predictable, but I didnt and I do not have any tylenol. Because I am breastfeeding, I cannot take any of the meds other people offer me, and no one has tylenol. Finally I get off at 4:30, where I go to the pharmacy. I discover once their that I don't have my prescription card for the new year, so I will have to pay out of pocket. I ask if the prescription can be mixed with milk, and they say absolutely not.  I get the prescription and go to daycare where they report Felicity has had a miserable afternoon, which I expected. I get home and go to give Felicity the first dose, reading instructions carefully because she is so little, and it explicitly says in the instructions that it CAN be mixed with milk. Who is right? The directions of the pharmacist? Who knows. This medicine is THICK gross and pink, with a horrid bubblegum smell. Felicity hates it and is gagging on the texture. She has snot coming in torrents out her nose and hates getting her nose wiped. I don't remember everything else that happened that night... so lets move on.

Tuesday: Felicity slept horribly again, and is a snotty mess in the morning. I am exhausted and what was a migraine has remained around as a dull background headache. I look at the Tylenol on my dresser and think "I need to remember to bring that to work" and promptly forget it. We are running late. Something in the kitchen smells HORRIBLE. We get downstairs at 7am (late) and realize ITS SNOWING. Boatloads. I give her the medicine, which she hates. We manage to get everything (or so we think) packed up and in the car to go to daycare drop off. We get to daycare and I realize that we forgot Felicity's milk, so DH takes them inside while I "run" home, a task that is significantly complicated by the horrible roads and us running late (we live by a high school. Running late means that there is much more traffic there). I drop off the milk, and head to work. Roads are TERRIBLE and now I am running REALLY late. I hardly make it up the hill to park, but I do. I get into work, and its exactly like Monday. We are still down a person and everything we touch is a disaster. My best work friend is in a horrible mood and not feeling well, and decides to leave early, meaning I have no company AND we are down another person. I leave work feeling horrible and stressed, and head to daycare where we have parents night. Parent's night goes OK, except for the fact that they don't have enough food, which is a first, they always have a ton of food for dinner. I leave parent's night hungry and get home with two cranky kids. We both take a moment to dig through the fridge to find the source of the stench and throw out a really old gross milk. Now our whole kitchen REEKS of rotten milk. I give Felicity her medicine, and she gags on it so badly that she throws up all over both of us. She is still a snotty mess, and now her poo is beginning to look funny from the meds. Because it snowed all day (there is a good new 8 inches outside), DH has to leave me alone w the kids while he goes and shovels. Normally not a big deal, except when you are already tired and frustrated, with a stinky kitchen. DH tries to help give me a bit of relief by taking Felicity up when he does Ben's bedtime, but it only lasts 10 minutes because she poops again, the stringy gross stuff. I try to help get rid of the kitchen smell by doing some cleaning, but discover we are out of vinegar, but I do what I can. While trying to clean up a bit I manage to spill a cup of sweet tea all over the dining room floor. It still stinks in the kitchen no matter what I do. Because we didn't get enough to eat at daycare, I am desperately hungry so I keep going to try to find a snack, but everytime I open the fridge it stinks and really we have nothing I want in the house.

Wednesday: Felicity slept slightly better but still not great. I got up and was optimistic about the day because I didn't fall into the toilet. Yes. That was reason for celebrtion, as I had the opportunity to do so and managed to avoid it. Then, when I gave Felicty her medication, I managed to spill 2/3 of the bottle of sticky pink goo all over our changing table. Cleaning up the spill was bad enough but I also would then need to get a new bottle. On the way to take the kids to my parents house I had to loop back and check that someone who ran off the road was OK. Coming back into town to go to work my mind drifted and I started heading towards home instead of work. By the time I got downtown I was running quite late. I had to try three different parking spots before I found one that was legal (got to watch out for those sneaky driveways that no one shovelled yet) and that I was confident my car wouldn't slide out of. Everything was super icey and it was bitterly cold. Work continued much the same. Chaos, problems, and strife. My supervisor was heard making the comment she wishes she could erase the week. We were short staffed for part of the day and my supervisor said other units were so short staffed we might need to lend them workers despite being behind. (This is mostly due to illness). I once again managed to NOT bring tylenol and once again my migraine reared its ugly head in the afternoon. After work I had to go by the pharmacy to get the replacement meds, which was crowded and unpleasant. I found out there that the pink sticky mess was the only option and I couldn't get something more baby friendly. I got out to my parents house to find two sleeping children, which was nice. However, my mom reported that they both had been needy all day, Felicity had a bad diaper rash and was pooping frequently as a side effect of the antibiotics. When they did wake up, both kids were extremely needy. Felicity still clearly did not feel well and JUST WANTED MOM. Ben was sleep deprived from his shortened/late map and JUST WANTED MOM and was brimming with toddler emotion that had him crying over things as horrible as "having a brownie for dessert". My parents were being lovely and trying to help but both kids just wanted me. Its nice to be needed... except when there is not enough of you to go around and your tired, sore and grumpy (did I mention muscle soreness that made me think I was getting sick??). When I got home I went to give Felicity her medicine, and she gagged to the point of vomiting, this time producing a large ball of mucous that probably explains why she hadn't been eating much, all the snot she has been swallowing was gumming things up. I got the second half of her dose in her and proceeded to try to relax only to be up to change her poopy diaper and re-spread diaper cream four times in the next hour. She also ate twice in that next hour. Ben was having a rough time settling in for the night and kept calling DH back in again and again.

Thursday: I started this morning when I woke up so optimistic!! from 6-7 went pretty smoothly. Then I got downstairs. The kitchen still/again smelled like rotten milk. We don't know if there is still a source or if the stench just won't go away. I gave Felicity her meds and she spit them all over her outfit (though didn't throw up at least?). I went to pack my pump and found MORE of my breastmilk to throw out that I forgot to put in the fridge on Wednesday night. We ended up running really late and I was practically late to work. Walking into work was FRIGID COLD. Now, its Thursday afternoon and I have a migraine again. But, Maybe things are turning around. Things have gone slightly smoother at work, and there was free pizza for lunch. I am trying to convince myself that this is the end of the bad week and tomorrow will be up up and up. Wish me luck.