Monday, August 18, 2014

36 Weeks - Another Comparison

I did not blog often about my symptoms last pregnancy, but I did do one post at 36w2d. Today I am 36w3d for pregnancy #2. Let's do a comparison:

... I have to pee every time I go from seated to standing position?
Yep. Pretty much has been this way for the past 3-4 weeks.
... my ankles are routinely the size of large oranges?
Nope. My ankle/feet sweling has been minimal so far.
... my "morning" sickness and related food aversions are back?
Half true. I do have more nausea again then I did, but nothing serious. And not really any food aversions.
... I keep getting anxious for no reason, or about things that I can't control, like hospital bills and the baby's position?
Nope. Hasn't really been an issue. I am feeling pretty chill at the moment. I mean, I do have the normal fears - "have a i felt baby move recently?", but really quite minor.
... my hands swell, especially at night, and the finger joints hurt?
A little true. I am having some hand swelling, especially at night. But its pretty mild and no joint pain.
... I am feeling like we need to get everything done for the nursery NOW, even things that don't really need to be done before the baby arrives?
I am feeling the need to get things done, but its stuff that really DOES need to be done. This weekend I Installed the car seat and washed the NB/0-3m Size clothes. I want to pack my hospital bag and get the PnP set up (will be her bed for the first several months). I think these are reasonable goals. LOL
... after never questioning it for one second in my entire life, I am NOW questioning if I will like being a parent?
I haven't questioned at all whether we should be having a second. I do have trepidation about going through the pains of a newborn again (labor, sleepless nights, breastfeeding), but not any "do we really want this life change" thoughts.

So... pretty different overall. I guess I am feeling better than last time all around, which is good. I am wracking my brains to think of if I have any other symptoms that I didn't have at all last time, and nothing comes to mind.

In other news, Benjamin has been extraordinarily sweet about baby lately (in general, but especially lately). He always has enjoyed giving my belly kisses and hugs. A couple of weeks ago he started saying "Felicity (or... feh-wiss-i-tee), I am waiting for you to COME OUT". This weekend he discovered the fact she could be awake or asleep, moving or not. He will ask if she is awake. He will come over and put his hand and try to feel movement. He knows that its her but he feels moving up at top of my stomach. It is pretty darn cute. Yesterday we asked Ben to sing her a song when he was being all lovey dovey, and he sand the entirety of his ABCs in a tiny little gentle baby voice. Last night he was hugging a bit too roughly (I am sure anyone who has been pregnant knows there is times when even a gentle touch to the stomach feels rough such as the weight of a 2.5 yr old head... if it pushes the baby into your bladder for example). Anyways, I said "I know you are trying to be gentle but you have to be even MORE gentle. And he slowed down and was super gentle (i.e. held up the weight of his head haha). He also has done things like taking a game card with a picture of a baby on it and "giving" it to Felicity, or trying to set it on my stomach. This morning I was explaining how it would work. I told him "When it is time for Felicity to come, I will go to the hospital and you will go with Grandma and Grandpa, then they will bring you to the hospital and you will get to meet Felicity. She will be a baby that you can see and touch and there won't be anything in my stomach anymore". He got excited/smiled at this. I just hope the enthusiasm and gentleness continues when she is here and taking my attention away from him!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

35 Weeks

Today I am 35 Weeks pregnant, 35 Days to go. I had a doctors appt and everything was pretty much perfect. BP = 117/72, (Baby's) HR = 147/minute, Fundal Height = 35-36 cm (weeks), baby is head down.

Normally I would start going every week at this point, but I talked my doctor into letting me skip one more week. I go back on the 22nd. Then it will be weekly.

I am still feeling pretty decent. I get random aches and pains, random swelling sometimes, but nothing that has stuck or been a chronic/consistent problem. I am still even sleeping relatively comfortably (knock on wood). I got my hair cut earlier this week, had her take an extra half inch, told her I didn't know when I would be back (normally I go about every 2 months). Baby is getting bigger every day, kicking me in awkward places, stretching, rolling, and in general being interesting.

I keep getting comments at work that I "look ready to go!". They annoy me. Don't short change me! This baby is supposed to cook for 5 more weeks, and I guarentee I can get bigger than I am. I actually don't feel big at all, which is probably why I keep doing things like running my belly into people in crowded spaces and thinking I can bend/reach more than I can. For the record, I am currently 194 lbs (per the doctors office). This is roughly 40 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. I would like to stay below 200lbs this go round... we will see what happens though because I don't plan to take any actions to make the difference haha.

Speaking of which. I am addicted to donuts. At least I am still taking the stairs at work? (6 stories up).

That is all I have got! Everything is going well, crossing my fingers it continues to do so.