Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ben, On Harry Potter

We have been experimenting with different ways to help Ben stay in bed and go to sleep. A couple weeks ago I decided to try audio books, and what I had on hand was Harry Potter (I have all of them on cassette tape). After a couple days he acted like he really liked it, but I didn't think he was actually paying attention. I thought he just liked the sound of the voice.

Then on Saturday night, he suddenly popped out of his room and we had this exchange:

Ben: (RUSHES OUT OF HIS ROOM WHERE HE SHOULD BE TRYING TO GO TO SLEEP) I just heard about a cat reading a map! That's silly! Why is a cat reading a map? 
Me: Maybe the cat is magical
Ben: Is the cat megical? 
Me: Maybe, keep listening and find out
Ben: (Starts to go back in his room then pops his head out again). But is the cat magical?
Me: Yes
Ben: Why? 
Me: Go listen!!

And I thought.. Hey, he is starting to listen! That's great. Then Sunday night came. I did his bedtime and I ended up sitting and listening with him for quiet a while, and apparently he has been listening. Listening a lot and understanding and memorizing. Here is bits of our conversation:

Ben: I like the part where the lights go out one by one and all that is left is the two shining eyes of the cat. 
Ben: Here is the Voldemort Part. I like the Voldemort Part. 
Me: Oh? Which part?
Ben: Voldemore tried to kill Harry, but he couldn't. He has killed lots of people but he couldn't kill a little boy. That means he can only kill adults. 
Me: Or, Harry is very special. 
Ben: And when he couldn't kill a little boy his power went away. They don't know why. Thats why Voldemort is not here in the story. 
Me: Yes that's right. And thats a good thing! Because Voldemort was a big meanie.
Ben: No! Its not good. I like big meanies. 
Ben: I really like this part!!
Me: Which? Where Hagrid comes on a motorcycle?
Ben: With Heager. 
Me: You mean Hagrid? 
Ben: Yes, Hagrid. Who is Heager?
Me: No one. You must be mishearing Hagrid. 
Ben: I like Hagrid.
Me: Me too! He is a good guy.
Ben: He is a GIANT!
Me: Yes he is. 
Ben: He borrowed the motorcycle.
Me: Yes he did, from Sirius Black. 
Ben: Who is Sirius Black?
Me: Just another wizard.
Ben: Is he a giant? 
Me: No, just a human wizard.
Ben: Giants are humans too! Just big humans. 
Me: Yes, I guess they are!
Ben: Hagrid went to a ruined house to get Harry. 
Me: Yep. 
Ben: Oooooh oooh ooh I like this part. (Listening and Repeating) He fell asleep just as we were flying over Bristol. 

So, he really has been listening. Unfortunately, we decided that while this kept him in bed, it as not helping him go to sleep. We are going to allow him to keep listening, but not after lights out. I hope he comes to think of Harry Potter as as much of a comfort thing as I do.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thankful Turkey

This Thanksgiving I wanted to make sure to talk to Benjamin about being THANKFUL - being grateful for what he has in his life. (In general its a good lesson, but also he has had a bad case of the give-me give-me give-me-mores recently). So, I came up with this idea for a Thankful Turkey!

Here is the idea. I made a basic paper cut out of a turkey, and started cutting out paper feathers. Every night before bed we can talk about what we are thankful for an add a feather to the turkey. By Thanksgiving it will have a beautiful full tale. It is a fun activity and we will be able to look back on with lots of good memories.

(Ideally, the feathers would be more behind then on top of the turkey, but when your doing crafts with kids you have to let go of ideal and go with their creativity!) 

Nov 2nd - I'm thankful for Dad getting me new Star Wars socks

Nov 4th - For lots of blankets on my bed.

Nov 3rd - Grandpa giving my Koby (his teddy bear)