Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Perfect Pregnancy Omelet

If I had no filter, then I would post something about food on Facebook about every five minutes. I also would tell at least 4-5 stories about things my son did every five minutes.

But I do have a filter. Except to my poor coworker who hears all my food thoughts as we sit next to each other and I blabber on. Poor Lyz, I apologize,

But this is my blog, so I can blog about food if I want to! And stories about my son.

First, the food.

Yesterday, I craved eggs. ALL DAY. I got an egg&cheese omelet in the morning, which was a nice stop gap, but wasn't going to cut it for a solution.

So when I got home, I started chopping. I chopped up a third of a large onion, and threw it on my omelet skillet (yes. I have an omelet skillet, one of the few speciality pans I have, thanks Dad!). Then I chopped about half of a green pepper, through that on. Then a few slices of roast beef sandwhich meat. Then an entire avacado. After the onions had started to soften I dumped all that into a bowl and added a shake of cumin and dash of onion salt. I beat four eggs and poured them onto the omelet pan, let it cook most the way through, then sprinkled it generously with shredded gouda and cheddar (Target brand has shredded gouda! Best purchase ever...), put the veggies on top, folded it over, and let it cook for a few more minutes with a pan lid over it.

After that, I dumped it on a plate, slathered it with sour cream, and put a generous pool of sriracha on my plate for dipping. It was so amazingly good. I "paired" it with a pile of fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries), and a couple blueberry pancakes. It was pretty much the perfect meal.
But enough about food.

Two Benjamin stories for you. The first was already put on facebook, but I want it in this record book.

I have been reading Benjamin a text-heavy picture book version of The Wizard of Oz. It is illustrated by Charles Santore, and I am very interested in getting some of his other books. This adapation of The Wizard of Oz uses only original Baum language, but condenses the story considerably. Pretty cool. Anyways, I have been reading it to Ben. It has taken probably 5-6 sessions spread over 2 weeks to finish. I have asked him some questions along the way to see what he was comprehending, but its hard to tell how much he is enjoying/following the story and how much he is zoning out in a pre-bedtime stupor. So we finished it a few nights ago. We were taking a walk around the high school here and they have some red sidewalk pieces along the curb. DH and I made a comment like "Oh its a red brick road", and Benjamin added his contribution - "Dorothy followed the yellow brick road". It was pretty cool, he knew the character name and everything. He hasn't seen the movie, but we sang the yellow brick road song for him now and he loves it. I am hoping he wants to read this story again, maybe it is his first "fantasy" book... a great intro for when I want to read him Harry Potter some day... LOL

The second Benjamin story is a toddler story. While I was finishing up my excellent Brinner feast last night, talking to DH, Benjamin was in the other room playing. All the sudden, he runs into the dining room and very proudly states "I got the bubbles out". uh oh. LOL. I sent DH in there while I ate the last couple bites. Benjamin had taken out his bubble solution from where I keep it near the front door, opened it himself, and poured it as best he could into the little dish we put it in... About a tablespoon made it into the dish... the rest was all over the shoe rack, shoes, mittens, and floor. He was so proud though, I couldn't be mad. LOL. I did say "next time, maybe you should ask for help so you don't spill so much". We will be needing to purchase some additional bubble solution soon. LOL. On a related note, we got him a Spiderman Bubble Blower for Easter. (THIS ONE - but no we did not pay $30 for it, more like $5 at Walgreens). Anyways, it is great for a toddler because it is easier to dip into that tray then into the bottle, and it offers a mouthpiece to blow rather than counting on a toddler to judge where they need to blow and how hard. He loves it.
Thats my thoughts for the day... hope you enjoyed them. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

This weekend was Mother's Day! I really didn't need, want, or ask for a huge fuss. I mean, I have plenty of good stuff in my life I don't need much extra. Mother nature did help me celebrate and have a fantastic weekend by having some decent weekend weather! Saturday was 65 and Sunny, and Sunday was sunny in the morning and then overcast in the afternoon.

On Saturday, we had Benjamin's last swim lesson. He probably won't be in swim lessons again for almost a year - we would be taking the summer off anyways, and with baby girl arriving in September, we probably won't be up for it for a few months after that. That is oK though, because I think he is "done" with the baby class. He has mastered many of the skills from the 6m-3y class, and can't move up until he is 3 years old (next January). The last swim class was a lot of fun. He can now walk in the entire shallow end of the kiddie pool!

After that, as has become traditional, we swung through Starbucks and then to the library. That boy LOVES the library. He used to focus on the toys, but lately it doesn't take him long (10 minutes at most) to become disinterested in the toys and start bringing book after book over to us to read. He especially loves any books with flaps, any books with trucks or vehicles, and books with onamonapeia (i.e. ... sound effects in the language). It was such a beautiful day, we decided to also hit up the park and take him to Playfront (a playground at Bayfront). It is a great playground, probably my favorite in the city. He is growing so fast. He will now due the "ladder" style devices in the young kids area, goes down the slides himself, and generally has a great time. It was nice just being outside with him.

Also, its so much easier/more relaxed taking him to the park this year compared to last year! We can just sit back on the outskirts, find somewhere to sit, and let him play. I mean, I might go over to verbally guide him up the ladder, but he can do pretty much everything he wants to on his own.
The afternoon was nap time (as usual) and was very pleasant. When he woke up, we headed back outside to play in our yard. He recently acquired a new T-Ball set, but he is more interested in using the bat as a fire house or jack hammer stand-in then actually playing t-ball (he also used it as a trumpet/trombone for a little while). We also brought out his Tonka trunk and big-wheel style bike. Again, it was so pleasant to just sit outside and watch him play.

In the evening we went out to dinner, an early mother's day, at Famous Daves BBQ. Delicious! And then took our first of what will be many strolls around canal park for the year. Ben LOVES the bridge and water, he asks lots of questions about the bridge, cars crossing it, and lighthouse. He liked standing on the big rocks, and just running around in general.

Sunday morning, DH got up with DS and I slept in. This is actually pretty standard. I get up Saturday, DH gets up Sunday. But this Saturday I was a bit more relaxed in my getting downstairs, took a nice long shower with Deadliest Catch playing in the background (that show is such an addiction guilty pleasure for me). When I came downstairs, DH had had Ben color a card for me, and Ben also gave me the things he made at daycare - a small potted flower just starting to sprout and an art project with his hand prints and photographs.

We eventually got moving and headed out to my parents house, where my Siblings (those available) joined me in preparing a Mother's Day brunch for my mom. My contribution was this recipe for Sweet Potatoe Quiche! My mom doesn't like traditional breakfast food. I remember being little, on vacation, at a restaurant that stated something about serving all food all the time. I don't remember the details. I do remember my mom tried to order Spaghetti for breakfast, was shot down by the wait staff, and was very disapointed. So... we decided to include Spaghetti in our brunch, and then rounded it out with fruit salad. The quiche was extremely good. I highly recommend it. Take note that it makes TWO full sized deep-pie crust quiches.

After a fun morning, we headed home for Benjamin's afternoon nap. I spent the better part of it cleaning our bedroom, which as usual had devolved into a disaster zone. Now its quite clean actually. Nesting, I think. Normally I would just nap. In the evening we spent a little time outside and then gave Benjamin a much-needed bath.

It was a really good weekend.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The First Trimester (a Recap)

This post's main purpose is to document how my first trimester was different, physically and emotionally, in this second pregnancy than in my first.

More Anxious: My first pregnancy, we had announced it to the whole world by around 7 weeks, and I didn't have major qualms about it. I knew things could go wrong, but I figured they were more likely to go right. This time around, I felt much less sure things would go right, and it showed. I was much more cautious about what I ate, what I did, and who I told. While I did tell my immediate family and close friends immediately. I did not feel comfortable telling anyone else until we heard the heartbeat for a second time at 10.5 weeks. Even then I was unsure about telling. This is kind of unusual.. usually its first time mom's that are the most paranoid. A friend suggested that it was because this felt "too good to be true" and I suspect she was right. With Benjamin, we expected the treatment to work, so the pregnancy felt like it should "be". This time it was an awesome shock, it felt too good to be true, like something HAD to go wrong. That feeling has dissipated quite a bit now, thankfully!!

The Same Nausea: Just like in my first pregnancy, I had a lot of low-grade nausea starting around 6 weeks, but minimal actual vomiting... so pluses and minuses! I guess its better than barfing after every meal, but its still quite obnoxious.

Yes to Mexican Food!!: Like last time, Taco Bell (and Mexican in general) sounded way too good all the time!! Having a particularly nauseous day? Time to head for a 7-Layer Burrito.

Yes to Sweets! Last time I didn't crave sweets at all, and in fact was repulsed by many of them in the first trimester. This time around I craved sweets right alongside the salty. Particularly persistent cravings have been Skittles, S'mores (or anything with this flavor combination), Dr Pepper, and licorice.

More Involved: Last time I avoided pregnancy boards. This time I joined a bunch. Basically, these are online groups where all the women who are due the same month can communicate. I am in a Facebook Group with about 50 other September 2014 mommies to be, as well as on a national forum with about 50,000 September mom's to be (yes you read that right... 50K). It is unclear whether this increased involvement is the cause or result of the anxiety! LOL. I prefer to think its the result... I want other people to talk to about pregnancy. But, the downside of groups like this is that you see all the bad things that can happen. Many women have left these groups due to MC, birth defects, etc.

Same Body: I don't feel like I REALLY showed any early or am any bigger than last time. But I haven't had a chance to compare pictures either.

Lighter Starting Weight: I started this pregnancy off about 15 lbs lighter than my first pregnancy, and am just now, at 21 weeks, nearing my pre-Benjamin weight. I don't think I will get near as big, or have as much net weight gain as the first time around (but we shall see).

I can BREATHE! (or at least I could): Last pregnancy, I was extremely short of breath in the first trimester. That wasn't an issue this time around. I am confident that the difference is that last time I was on progesterone supplements for the first 10 weeks, and this time I was not. Of course I am getting short of breath now at 21 weeks.. but that is more expected!!

Less "Sunshine": My first pregnancy, being pregnant was like a talisman, no matter what was wrong, the fact I was pregnant (thinking of that) could turn my day around. This time it hasn't been so easy to stay upbeat. I am very happy to be pregnant, and it does make me smile to think about, but it can't solve everything like it could last time. I think that has a lot to do with the increased anxiety I experienced. Now that I am feeling baby move, its easier to be happy. 

One "Scare": I didn't have any scares with my first pregnancy. This time around I did have some bleeding around 19 weeks that sent me into a panic. A visit to the doctors office revealed a harmless polyp.

Seeing as that last one got much more into 2nd Trimester.. I think that sums up the first!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Toddler Bully (and blossoming big brother)

I got a bad report from daycare today. Benjamin got in trouble. He dumped his oatmeal on another kids head. (Twice... but lets not get into this part because I think its a daycare fail he was given a second bowl). He thought it was funny. I was also informed that he always targets the same child, someone smaller than him. No parent wants a report like this. It was much easier when he was the kid getting bit... its easier to be the  parent to the victim than the aggressor, at least in the Toddler room.

As soon as we left the toddler room I sat him down to talk to him. I asked if he had done what they said, and he said he had, that it was funny. I said it wasn't funny, it was mean, very mean, and he shouldn't be mean. He seemed to get it, but I wasn't sure. Later, when DH joined us in the car, I told Benjamin to tell Dad why he got in trouble. Benjamin very reluctantly said "I dumped my oatmeal on someones head". DH said it wasn't nice. I said it wasn't nice. You could feel the tension in the car. A few seconds past, then DS said in the most pitiful, guilty-feeling voice ever - "Next time I will eat my oatmeal". I am pretty sure he gets he shouldn't dump oatmeal on someones head now... I just hope he can extrapolate it a bit to other behavior. At a minimum, to "I shouldn't dump food on other people". If we are lucky it would be "I won't be mean". But, I don't think he is old enough to understand what is mean and what is not. We will have to work on it.


In more friendly news, Benjamin is warming more and more to this whole "big brother" thing. We first told Benjamin about the pregnancy when I was about 11 weeks along and had just heard a healthy heartbeat again. We told him he was going to be a big brother. He didn't get it at all. He said "maybe later" and wanted to go back to playing. We tried saying a baby was coming but he didn't get it. I would mention it here and there trying to get it to sink in for him. He usually responded with "not now" "I don't want to", and one time with the oh-so-adorable "I am too little". I added in the information that baby was growing in my belly. This somehow seemed to make it more real for him.

The first time he acknowledged the baby was because I was morning sick. He asked if I was OK when I was gagging/retching while changing him one morning. I said I was fine, that sometimes the baby made me a little sick. About ten minutes later as we got ready to leave, and I gagged again, he said "Baby make you sick?" and pointed at my stomach. I said yes! But I was OK, and told Ben his hug made me "all better". A couple weeks later, Benjamin agreed to wear his "I'm a big brother" shirt to daycare. I asked him right before dropping him off if he was going to be a big brother, to make sure he would respond OK (and not freak out), and he said yes. Apparently he spent most that day though telling the daycare workers he would be a big sister. LOL.

It seemed to become even more real for him last week when we told him it was a girl and he would have a little sister.  He has started talking about the baby in a loving voice, and wanting to see my belly. Over the weekend he asked if the baby likes trains, and with some prompting says he will have to teach her about trains and how to do puzzles. He even said "MY baby" tonight when talking about it. It was quite adorable.