Monday, December 7, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree!

We decorated the Christmas Tree this weekend. It was tons of fun! We decided to go with a fake tree for the first time ever this year, for convenience and flexability with our Holiday plans. We will probably switch year to year on real/fake as it makes sense.

Ben was super excited! He was being super careful with the ornaments. If something looked breakable he would gently set it down, or hand it to me and ask about it. He did not want to touch the breakable ones, even HIS breakable ones, he would point and tell me where to hang them. He was sad when we were done and he wanted to do more. I think we will do some little crafts so he has more to hang.

Felicity meanwhile grabbed a box of ornaments, a bowl of cheerios, and hid in a large box we have there in the kitchen (for the kids to play with) and sat there eating cheerios and throwing ornaments until we caught her. It was hilarious, even though she broke one. She is def more interested in throwing the ornaments then hanging them. LOL.

Maybe add some pictures later?