Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If you are reading this, you should know by now that I am knocked up!! I know some people hate that phrase, but I find it amusing. 8 weeks, 4 days. It is still really early, but we are excited and hopeful. There are other good things going on as well for us, but I believe that should stay under the radar for a few days.

I expected to get morning sickness (or "morning" sickness), but I was not expecting the fatigue, dizziness, and shortness of breath. Its all for a good cause though, eh? The nausea is so weird. I can simultaneously be cooking/want to eat something and feel like I am going to throw up. The thought of food can make me feel ill, but the smell of food is almost always good (except perhaps Chinese food). Things that shouldn't smell bad at all make me sick (like the smell of wet paper towel?? Not dirty, just wet). I have some other symptoms as well, but they are not entirely blog appropriate. LOL.

Yesterday I came home from work early. It was not a particular symptom that had me down, just a general sense that I needed to lie down. If I am feeling sick to my stomach, or have a headache, or a sore muscles, I can just get myself to work through it - but a general sense of unwellness and desire to lay down? Don't know what to do with that, so I came home.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Another Weekend Past

Its Monday again, somehow. Funny how that happens, it just keeps coming round. Back to the grindstone. My grindstone is a bit slow moving these days. Somehow I managed to get caught up again (this happens periodically without any rhyme or reason). My work is very cycular. I will have crazy busy periods and lulls w/no logical explanation. I am currently in a lull. The plus side of a lull - low stress, can work slow w/out consequence. The downside - having little to do makes the hours tick by slowly. This morning things have been going on at a decent clip, but I expect it to slow down. And now, for unknown reasons, I have a crick in my neck, which is really annoying me.

But this is not really what I intended to post about. I intended to tell you about my weekend. I hope to get some pictures posted on facebook for anyone interested. Friday night DH and I went to Mellow Mushroom pizza and ate deliciousness (I had the mega-veggie, he has the mighty meat pizza), then went home and watched Young Victoria about Queen Victoria's rise to power, it was very interesting.
Saturday morning, after walking the dogs, we went out to breakfast as Bob Evans, then headed up to the mall where we did some shopping for Derby costumes. This was of course to go to the Kentucky Derby party at our friend T's house that afternoon. We arrived at his door at five PM bearing spinach dip. I was clad in a summer dress and white hat with a large pink rose attached whild DH wore boat shoes, very light khakis, a double-breasted navy blazer, and a hat. We were stylin'! It was fun. Delicious food, good race. The host randomly distrbuted the horses names and had chocolate prizes for win place and show. I was lucky enough to get Animal Kingdom (the winner), and DH got second place! So we have some delicious chocolate now.

Sunday I met some girls for lunch at Panera's (more delicious food), then came home and slept away the afternoon. In the evening we went to "An Evening With the Captain's" - a "speaking" tour featuring three of the captains from the deadliest catch - Johnathon and Andy from the Time Bandit and Sig from the Northwestern. It was very casual and very entertaining. I would say overall that their personalities come through pretty accurately on the show, except they are a bit raunchier in real life. It is not surprising that Discovery Channel cleaned them up a bit, eh? Andy played a couple of songs - one dedicated to Phil Harris (another captain who died a couple of years ago), and one called "Fisherman's Life" which was very good. They told some good stories and they called up Jake Anderson (a popular deckhand from the show) on their cellphones and put him on the mic for a bit. At the end of the night they had three people come up on stage and try to get into survival suits in the regulated 1 minute. I believe two of them would have made it, the third totally sucked and hardly even tried. We also got to be the first audience to see a certain premier of Cars 2. Captain Sig has a voice role as a boat in the opening scenes, so we got to watch that. He had not even ever seen it before last night. It was pretty cool. Makes me think I should go watch the first Cars. Amusing stuff for a fan of the show :-)

Then we went home and pretty much both crashed right away, even though it wasn't that late. Guess the fun of the weekend wore us out

Monday, May 2, 2011

The did and didn't of the weekend...

Things that did not get done over the weekend: starting my sewing project, straigtening the disaster that is my office.

I did have a nice weekend though, both in terms of productivity and entertainment. Friday night DH picked up BBQ on the way home. We ordered from Pig Iron because it is the most convenient for him to swing by. On the phone I ordered Potatoa Salad, but when he go there they told him they did not make potatoe salad anymore. Um. What kind of BBQ resteraunt doesn't make potato salad? That is really messed up... I like BBQ a lot. I like the meat, but really my favorite part are all the sides - corn pudding. potato salad. cole slaw. green beans. baked beans. cucumber onion salad. etc etc etc. Mess with my sides and I might just stop using you... Anyways. We ate dinner without potato salad and watched the NFL draft (day 2). Then we walked the dogs. Then we ran to Target to get a bunch of wants and needs, then we went to City BBQ and got potato salad for dessert. LOL.

Saturday I slept in. DH mowed the lawn and I laid around. We went to my coworker's wedding. The ceremony was at 4:30 PM at the Statehouse Atrium. It was very pretty. It was clear the bride was very detail oriented (totally opposite of me). The reception was at the Antheneum, a banquet hall in an old building a few blocks from the State House. It was a beautiful venue with this cool balcony encircling the room. The lighting was very nice and again the decorations and details were meticulous. The food was delicious, the company (my coworkers), was good. We left pretty early, mainly because the dance music did not suit us (we prefer slow songs, things we don't shame ourselves doing), and because all our coworkers left early. They were heading up to meet at a bar where a band was playing that has a member from our work. I told them that a bar with live music very not our scene. We went home and walked the dogs, watched some Dr Who, and went to bed. This morning my coworkers reported they had a great time at the bar and we should have come. I don't regret not going. Seriously, we just don't fit in when it comes to loud live music. My coworkers also said that they really liked DH and he is a great guy and very funny, which I already knew, but was nice to hear again.

Sunday... we both slept in, and because the dogs had been walked so late the night before (10:30pm), they let us sleep in. Nice. In the afternoon I went shopping with the other female guests for our murder mystery party. We were looking for 1930s formal wear. This is challenging. I mean, think about it. If you have average to slightly above average knowledge of fashion history you probably can picture a woman's outfit from 1990, 1980, 1970, 1960, 1950, maybe 1940, and 1920.... but do you have any idea what people were wearing in 1930? I certainly didn't. I did find something though, very authentic/ actual vintage. It is not attractive by today's standard's, but it makes me feel like I am from a different era, which is sort of the point. Now R&T will have to accesorize me. We are meeting again tomorrow night to go over more details. Sunday night we did Laundry and watched some TV. I loaded up some new stuff on my MP3 player (thank you dad!!), nothing resolution related, but stuff that makes me happy. Although, I did finally get the "best of the Eagles" cd from the library, but I have not got it on my Mp3 yet.

This week looks like it will be busy. I have started up with a new round of cooking club, where we get a new recipe everyweek, so tonight I will be trying this weeks - Taco Rice. Tomorrow night is the planning meeting. Wedneday, trivia. Thursday, getting together with a friend J... and hopefully still getting plenty of sleep. I stayed up late last night waiting for Obama, and now I want a nap. :-)