Thursday, August 18, 2011

Parental Visit 2.0

I feel like I have a gazillion things to say, lets see if I can remember any of them, or have the motivation to try even!

But I want to start by thanking my ILs for their visit last weekend. They arrived Friday night and left Monday morning. We went out to eat - Ruby Tuesdays, Raising Canes, City BBQ. We went shopping, we went to the Crew game on Saturday night to celebrate DH's birthday. We went to see The Help - excellent movie, I highly recommend it!!

Fat - I am getting there. LOL. Rounder everyday. We had our 20 week U/S on Monday! Everything looks great, it was pretty amazing. The doctor kept being like "Oh!! Look at this" with all this technical stuff he found cool, like the pulmonary artery and the way the umbilical chord looked, etc, he said these aren't things you always get to see. It was really cool seeing the little heart beating, the little toes, zombie face. We did not get to really see the hands because the baby was all over the place.. I swear, it was like an octopus squirming around in there. We did get a good picture of one of the feet. Baby was 50 percentile in all domains. The very first image we got of the baby was the top of the head... maybe that means they are a braniac? As planned, we did not find out the sex of the baby. Gotta save some surprises :-)

Yeah... thats all I got. What happened to the million times I say "I should blog about that". I guess my other news is that I am starting to read War & Peace... 67 pgs down, 1388 to go.

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