Friday, September 2, 2011

Picture Catchup!

As Promised - the picture "catch up" session!!

M, R, and I at the Farmer's Market in July. We snapped this pic because we were not sure when the three of us would be together again, and its good we did. Since the pic was taken M went to Mexico for extended research and R moved to L.A.!

I took my parents to see the giant corn, always a good time! LOL

Aaron and I on our 5th Anniversary

My parents when they visited, love this pic!!

So, I picked this picture using a thumbnail because it looked like it showed my belly best... so look at the Belly and not my face! This is also from our anniversary, 7/22

And this too, anniversary again!

DH sent me flowers on the day I turned 20 weeks! It was so incredbly sweet, I have been meaning to give him kudos on here forever!

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