Friday, September 5, 2014

39 Weeks

39 Weeks pregnant... one to go.

Things are going well!!
By this time last pregnancy, I was pretty desperate for baby to COME OUT. Mainly though this was because I was anxious about the fact my doctors wanted to induce me for no good reason (They alleged that IVF made me higher risk to go over-due, but that is blatantly false if you read any research on it. Increased risks with IVF end around week 20).

Anyways. This time there is no talk of inducing me earlier than any other healthy mom would be encouraged to induce. Actually I haven't discussed induction with my doctor at all yet, which is the way I like it. It shouldn't be part of the conversation until I am at my due date.

But, allow me to get off my soap box and tell you how things are going.

We decided at my appt this week that the baby has dropped. I suspected it from the increased pains and pressures, doctor confirmed it. No other signs of progress really. I have been 50% effaced and <1cm dilated for the past two weeks... not even as progressed as I was with Benjamin at this point. I fully expect this baby to arrive on or, more likely, after her due date of 9/12. I have some increased pressure and pains from her dropping (frankly it kind of feels like I got kicked in the crotch), slightly increased swelling but still not severe, occasional heartburn. Some days my back our hip hurts, but it's not everyday. My knees don't like the extra weight I am carrying. Some times I feel like there isn't enough room in my abdomen for all my organs our my lungs.... pretty normal pregnancy symptoms really and nothing bad or consistent. That is probably why I can be so patient. I am far enough along that I would be ok with going into labor, but I feel no urgency for it. I also have this notion that I still might get some stuff done before she comes... we will see!! I am craving sweets, especially anything with peanuts or peanut butter.
No big plans over the weekend. Hopefully watch a lot of football and do some more cleaning nesting. I hope to post a Benjamin update soon.

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