Friday, November 14, 2014

A Kid Post

Felicity Update: She is 7.5 weeks old, getting good head control, smiling a lot if you make an effort to make eye contact with her. She has a cold at the moment so that makes things a bit difficult (stuffy nose). Her sleep continues to be erratic but decent, sleeping 2-5 hrs at a time. The cold makes it so she is less settled, I hope that goes away soon. Her cradle cap is responding great to occasional coconut oil. Her baby acne mostly cleared up though she gets a small patch here or there, or patches of dry skin occasionally. She likes to be able to be in the sitting position and looking around. Daycare is going smoothly, she takes the bottle well and they treat her well.

Benjamin Update: I have not written about him too much in awhile. We have had a lot of difficult adjustment since Felicity was born, some of which is just normal toddler behavior that he didn't choose to display until she was born. He also had a "sleep regression" of sorts - more difficult bedtimes and lots of night time wakings, some of which extended into the ridiculous (one particularly bad night he kept us up from 2am-4am). He now has a very clear idea of what he wants/does not want and can tantrum if you don't get it right. One particular evening he was in tears because his Grands biscuit had been cooked in the oven. One morning this week he freaked out because we didn't give him cereal in the car or have him wear his Goblin hat... both things which he did not tell us he wanted until we were getting out of the car at daycare. Its hard being little. There also has been some ridiculusly serious moments considering her is not yet three years old. He get upset if you tell him that he is going to grow up, or that Felicity is going to grow up, he wants to stay how he is, and her to stay a baby. (There is therefore virtually no chance of getting him to potty train). He also has asked once what death is recently. I think he is struggling with scary concepts that are beyond his years (is three too young for an existential crisis?). But, enough of the heavy. He likes movies/tv - Curious George's Halloween Special has been a hit, and we have been watching Magic School Bus a lot. He has been mostly playing with cars/trucks, play dough, books and puzzles lately. We are back in swim lessons now and he loves it. He is very insistent about his cereal in the mornings, and often has it for dinner or evening snack as well (I have been trying to cut back on sugary cereals and push towards basic Chex w Raisins with some success).

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crystal_b said...

Oh my god, proof that baby amnesia exists: I had totally forgotten about the sleep regression right after J was born. (She was also already using the potty and regressed on that front as well.)

Mine have been insisting on cereal in the morning, too, even if I offer to make something.