Thursday, June 25, 2015

Felicity at 9 Months Old

Felicity turned 9 months old on Monday, the day after Father's day. We had a lovely weekend. She went to her first Grandma's Marathon, and we enjoyed time at the mall. We painted hand/foot prints for dad, spent a beautiful foggy morning at Brighton Beach and went to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

GROSS MOTOR: She is crawling like a champ, she moves quickly and likes to explore. She pulls up on anything that will support her weight (and sometimes something that won't support her weight!) She is interested in the stairs but has not made any real progress on them. She can withstand the occasional intentional and unintentional assaults and attacks by her brother.

EATING: She loves to eat. Some of her favorites: cottage cheese, blueberries, cereal, meat (she had salmon patty last night that she really seemed to enjoy), olives, and any kind of carb. She did not seem to enjoy the sweet potatos last night.

TALKING: Same old.. lots of babble. She is very loud in her vocalizations an the daycare worker who hosted the Grandma's Marathon party we attended emphasized that she is the loudest baby in the room. She loves to clap too and is interested in other gestures, though I haven't seen her make any.

TOYS: Her Favorite toys are maracas, crinkly blocks, small (very small) board books, and anything her brother has.  The books I read her most often are from the "Mini Masters" series (van gogh, matisse, degas and monet)

SOCIAL: She has chilled out a bit though she still is clingy sometimes. She has even let her Aunt L hold her for a few minutes without crying. She likes to play more and that distracts her from being clingy. She loves watching her big brother do just about anything, especially run and laugh though.

SLEEP: We transitioned her to a full size crib a few weeks ago. It has gone pretty well. The main problem is that she is at that stage where she tries to sit up pretty much the second she begins to wake up, and so wakes herself up. I am not really keeping track of how often she is getting up at night. I would say a good night these days is if she went down at 7pm, and got up at 10pm and 2am. That is rare... a third time would be more common. She also has a tendency to wake up at 5:15am, at which time I just bring her to bed with me for the last 45 minutes of the "night". I think this is probably associated with the light in our room.

I have a confession. I didn't take pictures of her holding the 9m sign, but I did take pictures of her on Sunday and Monday. Here they are:

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