Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Snapshot May 31

Amelia is almost 3 months old (just five days shy!). Everyone comments on what a "good" baby she is. She is an easy baby (knock on wood), a happy baby. She eats well, sleeps decently, and enjoys existing. She does not colic, or cry herself to sleep. She likes to watch what other people are doing. She laughs at her brother shenanigans. She laughs when you tickle her. She always seems to find the tv to look at if one is one. She likes it when you look at her and make faces, she coos and giggles. She is not a big fan of tummy time but she does like to be upright, sitting or "standing" in your arms, holding her head up straight. I am enjoying learning more about her everyday.

Felicity 2yrs and 8 months old. She demands what she wants. Since she is two, this means what she demands changes about every 30 seconds. She enjoys taunting her brother. The most frequent argument is whether to call Amelia by her full name or by Amy. This occurs on virtually every car ride. She also likes to say things JUST to aggravate Ben, and he takes the bait every time "You can't eat, your poopy" is a common allegation made by Felicity. She enjoys pretend play- cooking in the kitchen, taking care of baby dolls, doctors office, etc. One of her cutest current phrases is "Why cuz??" She likes to talk nonsense just so she is talking, and if you interrupt her she say "No! I was talking first." She likes telling the teachers at daycare about whatever was exciting to her over the weekend. She is almost potty trained. Soon, when we declare her potty trained, we will be going on a train ride, because she loves the local train and loves to see it go by, even if it scares her.

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