Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Magic in the Air

The christmas spirts are smiling on me at work today.

Last night I finally loaded all of my christmas music onto my MP3 player. I unfortunately could not find my favorite album, Sleighride, but I do have about 200 other songs including the entire Raffi album and Barenaked Ladies album.

It was snowing on my drive to work today.

I gave my Christmas cards out and people were amused by the "hee hee hee, ho ho ho" of my toy Santa cards. (I actually used about 4 different cards, so not everyone got this, but everyone seemed happy with what they did get).

A friend of some people in my unit brought bunch of Christmas cookies, including all of my favorites: Holly Leaves (like rice crispy treats sort of), soft molasses cookies, peppermint cookies, and a new possible favorite, chocolate covered mint oreos. (Edited to Add: Turns out she did not bring soft molasses, they are chocolate, and they are delicious)

Unfortunately the christmas spirits do not seem to have control over Football outcomes. Otherwise either the Vikings would have won (so I was happy about real life football), or Matt Forte would have scored a touchdown (so I was happy about fantasy football). Now I am out of the fantasy playoffs and my real life team continues to suck.

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