Friday, April 22, 2011


Do you hear the crickets??
Wait... I have not been in hear for so long they probably died off or something.
And I really don't have anything to post today, but I thought I should post something.

I hope to get back to meal planning next week. It has been ages. I really am going to try. I might shift to shopping at Kroger. I have been disapointed by my Giant Eagle's selections in a number of departments. Today I went to Kroger on the way home instead of Giant Eagle and its not as far our of the way as I thought.

I am currently on a Pride and Prejudice kick. I love that movie (Kiera Knightley version). Now I am watching the 1980s BBC version. I am five minutes in and already feel like its trying to hard.

I watched Gone with the Wind. I like it, but I don't see why its called one of the best movies every.

That really is all my news....

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