Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's a miracle. I actually feel like posting!! Aren't you all lucky (or so I like to tell myself, LOL).

So one of my cousins asked me to help out with recommendations of things to do in Germany. I procrastinated on this and then eventually decided to sit down and do it. I wanted to pull out my old Europe stuff to look through and make sure I got everything (names etc) right. I have one assembled scrapbook from my 2001 trip (when I spent 3 weeks w/HS class in Southern Germany), and then a giant box unassembled of random pictures, brochures, journals, etc from my 2005 trip (when I spent 5 months in Austria and travelled around a lot of other parts of Europe). I thought these were all in a nicely lablled box in the one organized closet in my house (in my office/sewing room). My sister LEKT helped me organize it ages ago. So, I opened up the closet and began to look. I ended up pulling every single box out of it, most of which were not labelled, and not find it. I was a bit frustrated. I thought this was the ORGANIZED part!! Turns out that it was in a large box labelled scrapbooks that had been moved to another room. I obviously have too much space in my current house. This story is not really about my trip to Europe, its about my organizational issues. Now my office has returned to complete disaster area because of course being me I did not put a single one of those boxes BACK into said closet. It is not functional, which is unfortunate because I definitely have a project I should be working on. I suppose if I get up the motivation (maybe this weekend?) I will vaguely reasemble the closet and get cracking on that project... we will see.

I had two friends over last night because they are planning a massively complex party. Technically speaking I am planning it as well, but its really their show. It is a murder mystery party. The theme is 1931 English Country Manor. It will be the first time I use my formal China, though I don't have quite enough place settings so it will be mixed with some of my friends. Last night we discussed the 7 course dinner they plan to serve, how the table will be set, how we will rearrange my furniture, how we will dress, who will play what characters, etc etc. It should be fun. And stressful. As I said, I am not really in charge, its just my house. LOL. So maybe a bit less stressful.

Several people I see or talk to in real life have asked about my New Years Resolutions. Suffice it to say they are not going well. They are likely to undergo serious revision in the next month or two. May Day Resolutions anyone? Or perhaps Birthday resolutions?

Speaking of my Birthday (at the end of May), we have arranged to be out of town for two weekends in May if everything goes according to plans. We are going to go to Illinois to see our friends B&R, and then on Memorial Day weekend we hope to take a long weeked in St Louis. Should be good times if it all works out.

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Allison said...

Good luck on keeping on track with your projects! It's so hard to keep focused and get the motivation to actually do it, especially if it isn't affecting you on a daily basis.