Monday, May 9, 2011

Another Weekend Past

Its Monday again, somehow. Funny how that happens, it just keeps coming round. Back to the grindstone. My grindstone is a bit slow moving these days. Somehow I managed to get caught up again (this happens periodically without any rhyme or reason). My work is very cycular. I will have crazy busy periods and lulls w/no logical explanation. I am currently in a lull. The plus side of a lull - low stress, can work slow w/out consequence. The downside - having little to do makes the hours tick by slowly. This morning things have been going on at a decent clip, but I expect it to slow down. And now, for unknown reasons, I have a crick in my neck, which is really annoying me.

But this is not really what I intended to post about. I intended to tell you about my weekend. I hope to get some pictures posted on facebook for anyone interested. Friday night DH and I went to Mellow Mushroom pizza and ate deliciousness (I had the mega-veggie, he has the mighty meat pizza), then went home and watched Young Victoria about Queen Victoria's rise to power, it was very interesting.
Saturday morning, after walking the dogs, we went out to breakfast as Bob Evans, then headed up to the mall where we did some shopping for Derby costumes. This was of course to go to the Kentucky Derby party at our friend T's house that afternoon. We arrived at his door at five PM bearing spinach dip. I was clad in a summer dress and white hat with a large pink rose attached whild DH wore boat shoes, very light khakis, a double-breasted navy blazer, and a hat. We were stylin'! It was fun. Delicious food, good race. The host randomly distrbuted the horses names and had chocolate prizes for win place and show. I was lucky enough to get Animal Kingdom (the winner), and DH got second place! So we have some delicious chocolate now.

Sunday I met some girls for lunch at Panera's (more delicious food), then came home and slept away the afternoon. In the evening we went to "An Evening With the Captain's" - a "speaking" tour featuring three of the captains from the deadliest catch - Johnathon and Andy from the Time Bandit and Sig from the Northwestern. It was very casual and very entertaining. I would say overall that their personalities come through pretty accurately on the show, except they are a bit raunchier in real life. It is not surprising that Discovery Channel cleaned them up a bit, eh? Andy played a couple of songs - one dedicated to Phil Harris (another captain who died a couple of years ago), and one called "Fisherman's Life" which was very good. They told some good stories and they called up Jake Anderson (a popular deckhand from the show) on their cellphones and put him on the mic for a bit. At the end of the night they had three people come up on stage and try to get into survival suits in the regulated 1 minute. I believe two of them would have made it, the third totally sucked and hardly even tried. We also got to be the first audience to see a certain premier of Cars 2. Captain Sig has a voice role as a boat in the opening scenes, so we got to watch that. He had not even ever seen it before last night. It was pretty cool. Makes me think I should go watch the first Cars. Amusing stuff for a fan of the show :-)

Then we went home and pretty much both crashed right away, even though it wasn't that late. Guess the fun of the weekend wore us out

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Laurelyn said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend! I forgot your captain thing was so soon, sounds like fun for fans :-) nice work picking animal kingdoms name outta the hat!

Fyi the horse archarcharch is doing well post surgery for a fractured leg. He's done racing.