Friday, July 5, 2013

Parades the Thing

We had a fabulous 4th of July. First, we took a long walk as a family, with Benjamin in the stroller. It was very pleasant. Then we went to the parade in Superior, WI. While the crowds did remind me of why I hate parades, having Benjamin enjoy it made it SO worth it. He especially loved the motorcycles and fire engines. He was doing his fire engine noise for a good 20 minutes after we left.

The whole parade experience, along with some friends stories lately, have made me reflect on how children give us new eyes, a fresh way to view the world. Something that we might experience every day, or think is bothersome or a pain in the butt, is awesome and wondersome and new when you see your child enjoying it.

Anyways, after the parade we went to a local burger place called "Gronks" where I had the Patriot- a burger with bleu cheese and hot sauce. It was delicious. We then took Benjamin home where he took a nice long nap while we relaxed. Then we headed over to my parents house. Benjamin got to see the barn and tractor and dogs, all of which he loves. All the running wore him out! We spent a nice long time chilling on the front steps, when he actually sat still for awhile. Then we had a yummy dinner. Back outside Benjamin enjoyed playing in his Auntie K's car and running around more while the pool got set up. By the time we got him in the car it was WELL past Benjamin's bedtime, but he really did great.

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