Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Cold

I am currently fighting a summer cold. Maybe that developed into an ear infection? I don't know. My ear hurts, that is for sure. Because of that, we had a low key weekend.

Benjamin grows up a little more each day. Today he drove his own cart at the grocery store for the first time, and he absolutely loved it! Of course, he likes driving just about anything, so that was to be expected. He is able to get on and off his bike now (its big wheel style), though he is still too short for the pedals, he can push on the ground w his feet. Bigger action (running, climbing, etc) means bigger accidents! He is currently sporting a scrape on his forehead from a wall on the sidewalk, and took another tumble tonight when trying to climb onto his bike, but no marks from that one.

He always wants to be carrying something. In the car or stores it usually is a matchbox car. If we go for a walk (which we do often, nearly every day, sometimes multiple times a day), he will pick up a pine cone and/or rocks so both hands are full. While he still occasionally tries to put a rock in his mouth, I tell him I am going to take it away if he does it again and he usually stops. He does eat sand at the playground and daycare though... can't seem to stop that.

His patience for car rides has decreased... just in time for us to take our big trip that involves driving and flights and more driving and more flights. Wish us luck. I am trying to put together a good toy kit for on the road, but we will see what happens.

We have gotten good about brushing his teeth everyday (something we were doing occasionally but not as a habit). He thinks it tickles. I tell him its my turn first and make sure to get everything brushed, then say its his turn and give the toothbrush to him, at which time he dips it in water and sucks/chews it.

We just got out his potty. He is interested in sitting on it... in his clothes. I guess that is a starting point?

I am sure there are other things to say, both about new things Benjamin is doing, and about life in general, but I just felt I should get SOMETHING down on "paper". Hopefully I feel better soon...

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