Saturday, September 7, 2013

20 Months + 1 Day - First Scar

Yep. First Scar. I mean, its not a Scar yet, but we are told it definitely will be. Benjamin has had his share of fevers, bumps, bruises and scrapes, but this was a new one. On Friday afternoon he was running in the daycare room and tripped and fell into the corner of the wall, taking a deep gash out of his forehead. When I say deep, I mean deep. as DH put it "Deep as in its possible that you were seeing skull when it was cleaned out". It is over his left eye. Luckily when it happened DH was already at home (early) and could go get him and take him to urgent care. I met them there after work. It was pretty obvious from his ongoing activity level that there wasn't a brain issue or anything - he was happily playing in the waiting room as we waited (happily except when another toddler tried to play with the same large toy as him..). Eventually we got back to see the doctor. They numbed up the cut (which was quite an adventure in itself because he was squirmy and the numbing agent was close to his eye), and then we burrito wrapped him and they cleaned it out and glued it shut. Yep. They glued him back together. They said it will scar for sure because how deep and wide it is. It seriously looked like a hole in his head. Pretty gross.

So, I don't have any good pictures of the cut, because that is just not how I roll/ was not a priority for us. We were busy reading him magazines and driving his car with him and singing him songs.

I probably will take a picture of the cut glued shut once the band-aid falls off... but for now I am just leaving the band-aid on. I am pretty sure removing the band-aid would alert Benjamin to the fact the cut is there, which he seems to have forgotten entirely.

Just thought I would record this day for prosperity - Benjamin's first scar. The ladies love a daredevil... LOL

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