Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Friday Night 8/30/13 - After work we headed out to my parent's house for pizza night. It got off to a really late start because my BIL and Bro had to work late, but that was OK because we planned to stay up for a campfire anyways! After a late dinner and lots of hanging out, my older sis and I took a dip in the swimming pool, then my dad got a fire started. Benjamin was very interested at first! He liked to sit in his little Benjamin size chair and watch the flames. After that got old, he was fascinated by a color changing globe my parents have in the garden. Then it was S'more time. I think it was hard for him to bite, but he certainly enjoyed the marshmallow! By this point he was getting pretty tired! I mean it was well past his normal 7pm bedtime! (like 10pm?) I tried to get him to go to sleep on my lap, but he wanted nothing to do with it. So, we decided we better leave. We put him in the car and started loading other stuff when we realized he was already 90% out (before we even turned the light off or the car on), so we decided to just roll down the windows for him and enjoy the campfire a little more (about 20 feet from the parked car). It was a very fun relaxing night!

Saturday 8/31/13 - I spent most the morning thinking it was Sunday for some reason, probably because Friday night was so much fun. We headed over to my parents around 10am to watch football (go Buckeyes!!). The football game and company was fun, and DS learned to say O-H-I-O!! He could parrot either half (O-H or I-O) and then figured out if he yelled O-H we would respond I-O. Its going to be a fun football year! Then we all took a long late-afternoon nap. We went to Culver's for dinner and tried to go to Best Buy to get Direct TV (DH has been wanting more sports channels badly!), but they weren't prepped for it, so instead we ended up at the dollar store and had a good time. (Is that lame that that makes good entertainment?)

Sunday 9/1/13 - We were dog sitting, which it made making breakfast at home difficult, so we went out for pancakes. It was such a beautiful morning we decided to go to Brighton Beach to throw rocks in the water and dangle our feet in. It was nice relaxing family time! Back at home we cleaned cleaned cleaned. After lunch Benjamin went to sleep and we had some down time. In the evening DS and DH grilled us some hotdogs for dinner, then we walked to the playground for awhile, then took a nice fun bath before bed. In the evening we got the unfortunate call that my BIL had an accident with a garage door earlier that day and had splinter fractured a finger. He had surgery late Sunday night and had to stay in the hospital overnight, but he is doing OK. 

Monday 9/2/13 - After the normal morning routine we headed to Canal Park to watch the boats come in and go to the Maritime museum (the last time we tried to take Benjamin he fell asleep in the stroller and slept right through it! this time though he liked it a lot! He especially liked the tug boats and like to say tug boat. We watched the bridge go up a couple of times and just had a good morning. During Benjamin's afternoon nap I ran and got groceries for the week and then made protein bars for my breakfast for the week and beet and quinoa salad for my lunches. When Benjamin woke up we headed to my parents house for a labor day bbq. We played teeter-totter with my dad's flatbed trailer, dug in the sand box, and enjoyed some fresh off the vine green beans, tomatoes, and raspberries. Dinner was delicious and the company was excellent!

It was a pretty awesome long weekend!!

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