Friday, October 11, 2013


Tonight it was thundering pretty loudly. We haven't had thunder in quite awhile, never that Benjamin was aware of. When he heard the thunder, he stopped dead in his tracks. He looked very uncertain and like he was leaning towards terrified. I told him it was thunder and it was nothing to worry about. He heard it again. The perplexed bordering on terrified face remained, and then he said it was "owie". I told him it wouldn't be owie and it was OK and that I liked thunder. He never went over the edge into scared, stayed mostly confused, but he did call it "owie" more and want some mommy hugs. He also learned the new word "Thunder".

When we got home, DH was here. He had been out of town overnight. Benjamin was very tired, but not quite asleep. He gave his dad a hug, then I took him up and put him in his crib. He was too awake to go without a bedtime routine though, so I told him I would send Daddy up to read him a book. I came back down stairs, gave DH the plan, and kept unpacking the car. About 5 minutes later DH and I were in the living room and I hear from upstairs "DAD BOOK". Most adorable thing ever. DH ran up there and read him some books. I love hearing those two together. Apparently while they were reading tonight Benjamin pointed out a kayak by name (a word he learned when we read "Baby Beluga" then appropriately applied to "Good Night Minnesota"), then called a canoe a boat and  said "row row boat" and wanted to sing. I love that boy.

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