Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Perfect Pregnancy Omelet

If I had no filter, then I would post something about food on Facebook about every five minutes. I also would tell at least 4-5 stories about things my son did every five minutes.

But I do have a filter. Except to my poor coworker who hears all my food thoughts as we sit next to each other and I blabber on. Poor Lyz, I apologize,

But this is my blog, so I can blog about food if I want to! And stories about my son.

First, the food.

Yesterday, I craved eggs. ALL DAY. I got an egg&cheese omelet in the morning, which was a nice stop gap, but wasn't going to cut it for a solution.

So when I got home, I started chopping. I chopped up a third of a large onion, and threw it on my omelet skillet (yes. I have an omelet skillet, one of the few speciality pans I have, thanks Dad!). Then I chopped about half of a green pepper, through that on. Then a few slices of roast beef sandwhich meat. Then an entire avacado. After the onions had started to soften I dumped all that into a bowl and added a shake of cumin and dash of onion salt. I beat four eggs and poured them onto the omelet pan, let it cook most the way through, then sprinkled it generously with shredded gouda and cheddar (Target brand has shredded gouda! Best purchase ever...), put the veggies on top, folded it over, and let it cook for a few more minutes with a pan lid over it.

After that, I dumped it on a plate, slathered it with sour cream, and put a generous pool of sriracha on my plate for dipping. It was so amazingly good. I "paired" it with a pile of fresh berries (strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries), and a couple blueberry pancakes. It was pretty much the perfect meal.
But enough about food.

Two Benjamin stories for you. The first was already put on facebook, but I want it in this record book.

I have been reading Benjamin a text-heavy picture book version of The Wizard of Oz. It is illustrated by Charles Santore, and I am very interested in getting some of his other books. This adapation of The Wizard of Oz uses only original Baum language, but condenses the story considerably. Pretty cool. Anyways, I have been reading it to Ben. It has taken probably 5-6 sessions spread over 2 weeks to finish. I have asked him some questions along the way to see what he was comprehending, but its hard to tell how much he is enjoying/following the story and how much he is zoning out in a pre-bedtime stupor. So we finished it a few nights ago. We were taking a walk around the high school here and they have some red sidewalk pieces along the curb. DH and I made a comment like "Oh its a red brick road", and Benjamin added his contribution - "Dorothy followed the yellow brick road". It was pretty cool, he knew the character name and everything. He hasn't seen the movie, but we sang the yellow brick road song for him now and he loves it. I am hoping he wants to read this story again, maybe it is his first "fantasy" book... a great intro for when I want to read him Harry Potter some day... LOL

The second Benjamin story is a toddler story. While I was finishing up my excellent Brinner feast last night, talking to DH, Benjamin was in the other room playing. All the sudden, he runs into the dining room and very proudly states "I got the bubbles out". uh oh. LOL. I sent DH in there while I ate the last couple bites. Benjamin had taken out his bubble solution from where I keep it near the front door, opened it himself, and poured it as best he could into the little dish we put it in... About a tablespoon made it into the dish... the rest was all over the shoe rack, shoes, mittens, and floor. He was so proud though, I couldn't be mad. LOL. I did say "next time, maybe you should ask for help so you don't spill so much". We will be needing to purchase some additional bubble solution soon. LOL. On a related note, we got him a Spiderman Bubble Blower for Easter. (THIS ONE - but no we did not pay $30 for it, more like $5 at Walgreens). Anyways, it is great for a toddler because it is easier to dip into that tray then into the bottle, and it offers a mouthpiece to blow rather than counting on a toddler to judge where they need to blow and how hard. He loves it.
Thats my thoughts for the day... hope you enjoyed them. 

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