Tuesday, October 28, 2014

a month old? 5 weeks?

Felicity turned a month old last Wednesday, and 5 weeks old this week.

She is such a calm baby (knock on wood big time! I knock on wood every time I say it). She occasionally squawks, but in general, when I say "she is fussing" it means making some small little grunting noises or something. Crying is rare, maybe for a minute if she thinks its time to eat and I am not quite ready, but generally she is so calm.

She does well in tummy time. She can roll front to back consistently, and will do so eventually whenever you put her on her stomach. She is no where near rolling the opposite way. If you hold her upright, like on your shoulder, she often will look around perky. If she does not like how you are holding her, she will let you know, and throw her body weight around quite a bit.

I love her tiny feet... which grow everyday.

She is wearing size 0-3 month clothing, but I did put one 0-3 month sleeper away this week that she was too long for, a smaller-sized brand.

I think she is starting to smile socially, JUST starting, hard to be certain until she really does it, but I am pretty sure I have caught some glimpses of real smiles. She still laughs and smiles in her sleep quite a bit.

Her wakeful periods are getting longer. A couple hours in a row sometimes.

She is sleeping about the same, 2-3 hour stretches. Last night she did one nearly 4 hr stretch, but her brother woke me up in the middle of it, so it didn't really help me out.

She makes eye contact, follows our faces when we move around, and watches a rattle or other interesting object we hold up for her. She likes flashing lights and we have caught her watching TV once or twice (though we try to avoid having her in a position where this is an option).

We introduced a bottle. She takes it no problem.

I am absolutely in love with her. Some nicknames - Miss Felicity, Miss Fliss, and Fiji. I also find myself calling her little girl or baby girl quite a bit, and her big brother often calls her baby girl.

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