Friday, October 31, 2014

The Halloween that Wasn't... What I expected

About a month ago I started asking Benjamin what he wanted to be for Halloween. "A Ghost" he said resolutely. That was a surprise, I didn't know that he knew what a Ghost was even! I figured he would change his mind, and if not, a ghost costume is easy.

He didn't change his mind, we asked him again a couple times a week and it was always a ghost. Sometimes a Scary Ghost, sometimes a friendly Ghost, but always a ghost.

We wracked our brains for how to dress the rest of us. We considered being Ghost Busters, but were worried he would not like us "chasing" him. We considered Pac-Man, or Mario, but those seemed pretty far out there. So, we decided to all be ghosts. Aunt K started knitting a ghost costume for Felicity.

The festivities snuck up on us, and the night before Boo at the Zoo I found myself trying to fit Benjamin with a white jersey sheet from Target clearance. He didn't want to wear my creation, but I figured that's is because he was busy watching TV.

The next day came, Boo at the Zoo. He wouldn't have anything to do with his costume. Then he saw the other kids in costume and decided to put it on. That lasted about 2 minutes, then he said it "tasted funny" and wanted it off. Luckily since people pay for Boo at the Zoo, they don't really care if your kid has a costume. We had a blast anyways.

After that, he spent a good week saying he would not wear any costume, and no amount of discussing the material rewards could change that. I even pulled out our halloween box to see if he would be a shark or fire fighter or something. He put on the shark costume for about 30 seconds, but then demanded we take it off.

Then we went to the Halloween Horse Show. After interrogating us on why there was not a ghost horse, he declared briefly that he would dress his horse as a Pirate, then reverted to his idea of us ALL being ghosts. Also, when Ben saw Felicity's ghost hat he said he wanted a Goblin hat, and Aunt K agreed to make one.

Last night (10/30) we hosted our family Halloween party, ghost costumes all ready to go. Felicity was all dressed up. DH and I both put on our ghost sheets... but Benjamin wanted nothing to do with it. He also refused the requested Goblin hat. He said he wanted to be a pirate. My husband made a pirate hat. He said he would wear it on Halloween, but "not now". At bedtime he requested a pirate costume.

Halloween day... today. I had spare time because I am on maternity leave, so I ran up to the mall. I went to Lots for Tots (used children's) and found a Jake the Pirate costume for $5.

Ben got home from daycare, said yes, of course he would wear a pirate costume. We went to put it on, got the body (clothes) part on, and he started trying to tear it off.

This is the year my son wouldn't wear a Halloween Costume. 

Instead of going out to ToT, we watched Despicable Me 2. I still got some cute pictures of Ben and Felicity, he is just in a Halloween outfit instead of costume. We still had a good time, just not what I expected. Next year I think I will go in with fewer expectations.

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