Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Season

The Christmas Season this year has been a total blur. I wonder if it will always feel like this or if some year I will get my feet under me a bit and get a grasp on all of the things I would LIKE to do for Christmas. Only time will tell.

Benjamin is old enough this year to start to really understand Christmas. Last year, he understood it enough to anticipate the presents, but thats about it. So now the question turns to how to teach him what Christmas is really about (which brings up the question for me of what Christmas really is to me and to us as a family, not an easy question to answer).

There was a few times verbally throughout the system where I talked about what Christmas is with Benjamin. I said something to the effect of "its about family, and giving to others. You get gifts, and you try to be kind to people and spread joy". Words do not get very far though with a 2 yr old (even a very verbal 2 yr old). I have not had time (or taken the time) to put those words into actions that show him what the season is about, until last night.

Last night we got home from running errands around 6:45 PM. After getting the baby fed, and dog walked, we wrapped presents with Ben. We asked him what he wanted to give Felicity. He said he thought Felicity would like baby things, so I asked him if he thought he had any toys or baby things he no longer uses that he could give her. I recommended his singing sea horse. It put him to bed for many months, and then one day the battery ran out, and we took it out of his crib for a week or two, and when I tried to put it back he didn't need it. He agreed right away. He said it was a baby thing and would be good for Felicity. I had him go get it, and we put it in a box and wrapped it up (with Felicity looking on of course! LOL). Then we had him wrap up some salt ornaments we made earlier this week - 2 for me and 1 for dad. It was pretty funny for us to be wrapping our own gifts, but I am really glad we did. I hope he enjoys giving us these packages tomorrow morning.

I have a whole list of things going for things I want to do differently for next Christmas season. Who knows what will happen. I think though that this is one thing I got right.

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