Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Felicity @ 2 Months (ok.. more like 2.5 months)

When I was little, my mom sang song to me "Don't you remember Amanda Christine, she was a lover Amanda Christine". Now, I am a mom, and I sing to my daughter - "Felicity Jane, that is your name, and I love you, because your my baby". Pass it down through the generations, unintentionally I guess.

During my pregnancy lots of people asked what her nickname would be. We said we were going to call her Felicity, and for the most part we have. I toyed with the nickname Lissy, bit it didn't stick. Frankly I cannot imagine her as Lissy now. The nicknames that we do use sometime are Miss Fliss (to match Mr. Benjamin), Fliss, Little Girl, and Baby Girl.

She is growing so fast. She drools a lot, we should use bibs but I am not in the habit because Ben never drooled much. She likes to kick her feet. She likes to grab things, fabric especially, and pull it up to her face. She is starting to grab/hold her pacifier though she can't really get it in her mouth right. We have started to put a taggie blanket (one with a rabbit head attached) on her lap for her to grab at. She likes TV. Typical second child, with Ben I religiously kept him away from the TV. It was relatively easy though, as long as he wasn't pointed right at it, he didn't watch it. Her, she will strain her neck any which way to watch some TV. We joke that she is especially fond of soccer.

She continues to grow. She does not fit into 0-3 month sleepers anymore, and a lot of the pants and onsies are starting to get short too. Its time to pull out the next size up, but I have not had time.

Her sleep is patchy. We have had a couple nights where she sleeps through the night (10pm-5:30am or so), but generally getting up once is the norm, and sometimes she still gets up 2 times. It just depends on the night.

Generally, she is content to be held by anyone, or sit in her chair on her own for a bit, but if she gets tired, she really wants mom. I can't say I object. When she snuggles into me and falls asleep its pretty

My prior concerns about pumping/supply have not been an issue. I seem to be gaining on her (building a stash) rather than falling behind.

She likes singing and music. She is liable to smile if you sing a new song to her, particularly one with a funny sound or rhythm in it. She also likes it when you change her clothes, she laughs when you take off her shirt. I think she is probably pretty ticklish. She likes baths. She likes being held facing
out towards the world so she can see things.

Yep. Thats my Felicity update. At her 2m appointment she was 43rd percentile weight, 91st percentile height. That was back in mid November. We have not gotten a new weight or height since. Her next appointment is in January.

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