Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

Ben was so excited for the Easter bunny to come because HE LOVES CANDY.

This picture pretty much captures it:

Meanwhile Felicity is all - "yeah I will sit here and play w these plastic eggs"

Ben was REALLY bad at finding eggs. He pretty much had to fall onto one to find it. I have read about kid's brains and how they don't "scan" selectively for information, but still it was crazy how bad he was at finding these. But he had a blast doing so, and he shared his candy all on his own/voluntarily. It was super sweet.

After the Easter egg hunt we all got gussied up to go out.

Then we went to my parent's house to take some pictures. These are the best with my camera. We got some family shots and some more great ones of Felicity on my dad's better camera... but Ben didn't want anything to do more pictures.

 After the photo shoot we headed up the shore to Superior Shores to eat brunch. It was a really nice meal. Felicity tried Salami, Carrot, celery, pesto pasta, and had more green olives. She gummed the salami (a single piece) for a good half hour off and on. We had a hilarious moment where Ben, tired of trying to get his yogurt out of the cup, started scooping it with his hands (blueberry of course). I am glad I bought his outfit second hand. I think that white sweater-vest was one-time use only!! LOL.

At the end of the meal we did some socializing, until Ben started running wild. Always a queue to leave.

On the way home, everyone else napped while I drove, so I took the scenic route. Then I indulged myself by stopping at French River to feel the lake wind and snap a couple of pictures.

Back at my parent's house we wiled away the afternoon chatting, napping, and playing. It was a great day.

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