Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Saturday

Felicity's first Easter!

Ben got to dye easter eggs three times - twice with my parents, then at home with us. It is very cool seeing him develop all sorts of new fine motor - he used the little wire holder to move eggs in and out of the dyes. Perfectly? No. But still quite well. When Aaron went to dye an egg with Felicity he let her get to close and she spilled the bright green dye EVERYWHERE. Its a good thing I don't love our table (and its free) because it has some stains on it now.

Then I did a quick wardrobe change and did "Felicity's first egg hunt". She really was reaching for this one egg, which I tried to make to match her outfit. She is just too cute.

We even managed to get to the park for the first time late Saturday afternoon  (just Ben and I went).

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