Friday, October 23, 2015

13 Months Old!

Time is a strange thing. It seems like it has been such a LONG time since Felicity's first birthday. SO much has happened. At the same time, how has it been a month? How have I not blogged for an entire month? Lots has changed.

If Felicity is not walking, she is not happy. She wants to walk everywhere we go. She wants to walk from the house to the car, from the car to daycare, and she does not want to be picked up and carried.

She loves shoes, both her own and her brothers. She likes playing with the velcro on them. Sometimes she just wants to play with them, other times she wants to try on as many as possible as quickly as possible. She also likes socks. And actually, clothes in general. And blankets. She seems to think getting clothes put on is magical and sometimes will laugh just watching me get dressed in the morning.

Within days after her first birthday she managed to get duplo legos snapped together for the first time. This made her so happy! She also loves to try and color, though her pressure on the crayon is still somewhat iffy, she has the general idea. She likes to stack regular wooden blocks and will keep stacking even if the tower falls (usually it falls when it gets tall enough to get hit by her swinging elbow). I think the highest stack I have seen is 5 blocks about.

She loves to have books read to her. Her favorite books are the Hello! magazines (Highlights). She also likes her Birthday present books - Doggies by Sandra Boyton and a farm animal flap book (she loves opening the flaps). She will try to look at other/bigger books on her own as well if given the opportunity.

She likes her brother's room, mainly because the small (toddler) bed. She will just climb on the bed, open a book, look at it for 30 seconds, climb off the bed. Rinse and repeat. She similarly likes to climb on and off chairs (or, if they are too tall, be lifted on and off). She will sit contently in a chair for several minutes, just because the furniture is novel to her. Especially if given a lap blanket.

I think she is teething (still). She has two teeth out and two or more on their way.

She loves eating utensils. Usually these days if she is reaching for your plate it is to try and get your fork or spoon (or knife!!), not your food. As far as food goes she loves meat, and given her free reign meat and dairy are her favorite things to eat. She likes fruit too and some veggies and carbs, but meat and dairy is where it is at for her. She loves trying to use cups, but she also likes to spit the water/juice back out for fun and it dribbles down her chin.

There is a picture of her on this date (10/22/15). It is at the Glensheen Spooktacular. Maybe I will post it later.. maybe I won't. Keeping true to my description, she wanted to walk for the entire event, and she got upset when she couldn't go back to things that "interested" or or take interesting looking side paths and steps.

What I want to remember most about Felicity at this time of her life is how JOYFUL everything is. She LOVES life and is constantly amused, fascinated, and eager to learn live and grow. Its pretty amazing.

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