Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Ben... his personality. How do I describe it? The easiest way I think is - he likes the bad guy. We joke that we loved him too much as a baby because he seeks out the darkness and the baddy's like crazy. From Darth Vader to the Green Bay Packers.

He also has quiet the imagination. Anyone who has hear about his character "Good Darth Vader" knows there is an entire world of Star Wars universe in his head that did not come from the big screen. Now he is doing that to Harry Potter as well, and I want to record it.

Enter Rogue Falcon. Rogue Falcon occurs in "special" Harry Potter titles like "Harry Potter and the Greatest Dark Wizard". You can only watch these special movies if "you are very very very good that day". (Can you tell we have been using screen time as a reward/punishment?)

Rogue Falcon is the greatest dark wizard of all time.

When he was a boy, Rogue Falcon just went by Falcon. He added the Rogue part when he was an adult. Falcon was put into Slytherin because he told the sorting hat that his parents had been in Slytherin and that he wanted to follow in their footsteps. Falcon plays seeker for Slytherin. Falcon is bad all the way through. When he was little,  Falcon was already bad. When he was a student at Hogwarts he let a Basilisk loose on the school. However, the Basilisk didn't attack the castle, it turned around and started attacking Falcon, so Falcon brought in a Black Shadow to fight it.

What is a Black Shadow you ask?

A Black Shadow is from Ben's fantasy "How to Train Your Dragon" Universe. A Black Shadow is a dragon that cannot be killed. Its scales are like Dragon Hunter Arrows, and they have tiny hooks on them. Because Black Shadows cannot be killed, it is better to be friends with them. You can tame them by feeding them Tuna and playing with them. If you do these things, then the Black Shadow will not go back to the wild. A Black Shadow is a Black Dragon with red eyes and yellow markings around its eyes. It can shoot back whatever another dragon shoots at it (so if a Skrill shoots lightning at it, it can shoot back lightning, if a Gronkel shoots molten rock at it, it can shoot back molten rock). Black Shadows are very very very big. Bigger then Alpha dragons. They also have lots of babies, and the babies are very very cute.

This is my son's imagination. I am sure that I will hear MUCH more about the adventures of Rogue Falcon in the coming days and weeks. I dislike that it is a bad guy, but there is not much I can do about it. I did ask if I could create a Harry Potter character for these special movies,  and he said sure. I told him its a girl, a Keeper for Slytherin. I named her Xanthe Chaffin. I told him she is so smart and good at magic she will prevent all of Rogue Falcon's mischief. He seems to disagree....

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