Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ah, November Air!

First, I encourage everyone to get out and vote. Yay democracy in action!

Second, apparently Novemeber is National Blog Month or something and there is a challenge to post everyday in November. I already failed that challenge by not posting yesterday. I started to write a post, but it was taking a political term and I do not write political things at work because of the state employee political action issues. I do plan to finish that post, hopefully on Thursday. So, I am not going to post everyday. I will try to reinvigorate the blog though!

Third. It is November. Back at the beginning of October I pointed out I had three months left to make any progress on my New Years Resolutions. Now I only have two months. It was not an organized month. Maybe I am just not meant to be organized. I will start projects or processes, they just don't last. I am not quite resigned to my fate yet. I started November off on the right note with a cleaning spree on Sunday. I think the main problem I have had with this resolution is my inability to come up with concrete goals associated with it. We had discussed having a chore chart, and I think we will do that this month. If it works it will be at least one thing. I also noticed that I have fallen a bit behind on my reading, and need to pick that up to read 40K pages. I really want to reach that goal!!

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Allison said...

Ahh....#3 sounds so much like me before. Now, though, we're working every single night to get our lives simplified. We just didn't have the need or drive to do it until we had E and realized how little we use of the stuff we have. We now value what we have and are trying to keep only things that we'll use and are trying to keep our possessions nice. Do we still have boxes of paper waiting to be sorted, shredded, or filed? Yep. But we're a work in progress. It's taken a ton of dedication from the two of us and we haven't watched much TV (our absolute favorite pastime) in weeks, but we're making huge strides toward really being organized. Finally.