Friday, November 5, 2010

Post #400

Another day, another post.

My right leg hurts. Wednesday night I got a very bad cramp in my calf, which is an occasional occurence for me (not always the right leg, but always the calf). Once the initial cramping is over the soreness lasts for a few days. Then, yesterday while I was walking the dogs I twisted my right ankle, just for kicks. We all know how wonderful of ankles I have.

It is Friday! Yay for Friday. I discovered today that we actually can work overtime tomorrow, so I may put in a couple hours to make up for how bad this week has been with regard to work. I also planned a shopping trip with a friend. I really am in the mood for a lot of football this weekend. Oodles and oodles of first downs, long throws, kick-offs, touch downs, and hard hits. Not the "We are fining you fifteen-thousand dollars" hard hits but the "I love this game!" sort of hard hits. I hope the games are good.

Other "to do's" this weekend - finish my book club books for the next two weeks, clean the house, and nail down my plans for everything that needs to happen before I leave for Duluth.

Yay Duluth! Only 12 days left.

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