Monday, November 1, 2010


The title of this post used to be a cool marketing invention. Now it is very much over-used. And here I am, contributing to its overuse by putting it as a post title. I intend to add pictures of the events described in this post to my blog at some point, but if I wait until I have the pictures to right this I won't remember anything.

Friday night we went to BW3s for dinner, mainly because I was craving it. YUM. Mango Habenero Sauce and blue cheese. Yummy. After that we finished that we went out to buy the last parts of our costumes, including *dah da da dah* blond hair dye. Then we headed back to the house. We watched "Percy Jackson: Lightening Thief" - a bad book which turned out to be a worse movie - while I dyed my hair blond. DH was supposed to help, he was not very useful for applying the actual dye because he was too nervous, but he was great for the small conveniences of having him run around getting me a fan, or pouring me a drink while my hands were all messy. I am now a blond, at least temporarily (6+ weeks?). We will see what happens. I really have never dyed my hair before (not successfully at least), so I don't know exactly how this works with roots growing and such. Basically, I will leave my hair like this until I decide it looks too bad, then will either get it cut or professionally dyed to fix the issue (back to my regular color?). Whatever you do when you want to be done dying your hair. It is quite the change!!
Anyways, that was Friday. On Saturday I went to the last outdoor Farmer's Market of 2010. I got apple cider, cheese, and a secret addition to my mom's very belated Bday present. (you will get it soon, like 11/17 perhaps? LOL). I dropped the loot at home and then went in for a couple of hours of overtime. I don't mind working Saturday's. It is totally relaxed, you can leave when you want, and it feels like every task you do will make Monday better. When I got back to the house I just wanted to sleep. So I did. When I did get up I finished making the last part of my halloween costume, walked the dogs, and then dog dressed.

I have to admit, DH's and my costume was a stretch. It was obvious what we were dressed up as, but we gave a twist to it for our political friends (who are pretty much all of them). Pretty esoteric of us ultimately. I went as Alice in Wonderland. DH went as the Mad Hatter. Those costumes are pretty obvious. However, then we carried tea cups and wore name badges - Christine O'Donnell and Joe Miller. In other words... (wait for it)... we were the mad Tea Party. I know. Really really academic of us and all that crap. But the parallel is too interesting to me not to draw it.

I was going to discuss that point a bit more (the comparison of the political movement being called the Tea Party to the mad tea party that occurs in Alice in Wonderland), but I simply don't have the energy and want to get this posted.

The halloween party was great. Besides us there was a bad guy w/damsel in distress (she was even tied to a railroad), hermione and ron from harry potter, two chilean coal minors, and the miller high life delivery man.

I expected to spend Sunday mostly relaxing and watching football. I did that, but I also managed to get a lot of cleaning done. It was a good day.

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