Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last Weekend

I wanted to write a lot about this past weekend, but I have been busy and have not gotten to it and now I am afraid I may not have that much left interesting to say about it. Lets see...

MOVIES: I already posted about the bad theater and mediocre movie of Friday night. Well, Saturday night we rented "Machete". You may or may not remember a series of three movies coming out a few years ago jointly called "grindhouse" that paid homage to the old B films that would go straight to certain types of theaters known for their violence etc. Well on those movies they had a bunch of fake previews, including one called "Machete". Then they actually went and made this movie. When we rented it, we were expected basically another Grindhouse movie - lots of fakey gratiuitous violence w/some outlandish plot that did not make total sense. Well, the movie had its fill of gratuitous violence, but we really were both stunned by how much plot and character development it had. It had some serious political commentary. Its plot was somewhat outlandish but ultimately made sense. Very odd outcome. In other "movie" news. I had people over at my house last night to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. It is the seventh movie. The 8th and final movie comes out tomorrow night at midnight. We also watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic" on Monday night. It was a bit painful really. I mean, it had its moments and ultimately served its role as romantic comedy, but you just wanted to smack them all sometimes. Also, we are currently debating our future with netflix. It has been announced they are drastically raising prices on their DVD service. Its more of this nonsense where they are trying to force people into streaming. The problem is while they do have 20K streaming titles, they have over 100K titles on DVD. The streaming service frequently does not have a specific movie that we want and we are annoyed they are trying to force us to use it more as if our DVD use is costing them so much money. We are mad, maybe mad enough to cancel all of our service with them. We will see what happens. We are talking about it.

SPORTS: We went to Roosters, a bar/restaraunt, both Friday and Saturday midday this weekend to watch U.S. Women's soccer in the World Cup. First, I wanted to comment that the prices at that place are great. Feels like prices from 10-15 yrs ago! What actually happened is that we went on Saturday thinking it was the U.S. vs Brazil game, but when we got there and had ordered drinks we figured out it was actually France vs England. We just stayed and watched it. It was very relaxing. The game was slow/laid back and we talked a lot. Then on Sunday we went again, same time same place, this time for the actual US vs Brazil game. Unless you live under a sport-resistant rock you probably have heard that the U.S. won in dramatic fashion. It was much more fast paced game. the refs played a bit to big of a role for comfort unfortunately. The questionable reffing on one play swung the game from the U.S. being up 1-0 to it being a 1-1 game w/U.S. playing a player down and totally demoralized by how it all occured. Luckily they have tougher resolution than I do because they actually played better down a man. Brazil did eventually score again during the first half of overtime, though upon review it should have been called offsides. Somehow, in extra time of overtime (like the 122 minute of the game), U.S. Had a beautiful beautiful cross and header goal to ties things up. So dramatic and awesome. Then the U.S. won in penalty kicks. They play France tonight. It hopefully will be on when we go for Trivia. We may hit up Roosters more often now, unless we decide to get cable again.

Car Show. We went to the "good guys" car show at the Ohio State Fairground. It rocked, but I so don't have energy to post about it Recap is we were smart to go in the morning (8-10AM) to beat the heat, and we want a late 60's Camero (for DH), a 55' Bel Aire (as a family car), and a Shelby Cobra.

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