Saturday, July 9, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Not to Go to Screens a the Continent

Last night we visited Screens at the Continent, the dollar theater that is closest to our house. We will not be going back, because:

10. Lights are not on in the lobby.
9. Two people sell tickets and vending at one register at a snail pace.
8. Its hard to figure out what theater your movie is in.
7. Their concession products are highly questionable.
6. The movie reels are poor quality and they cut them off before the credits finish.
5. There is no music, ads, or even lights between the movies. You sit in the dark until it starts.
4. No one is cleaning up the theaters.
3. All of the above makes the theater creepy as hell.
2. There is something in the theater that aggravated my allergies, and I don't usually have bad allergies.
1. There is a perfectly good dollar theater at Carriage Place that is the same price and is way way way way nicer and less creepy.

The movie we went to see is Priest. It stars Paul Bettany, who for whatever reason has become a trigger/signal for me to see a movie. The movie was OK, probably 5/10, maybe 6/10 depending on my mood. The concept itself was really interesting and could have been great, the execution was not as great. Some of the acting was poor and characters were not as developed as they could have been. The movie is steampunk/vampire/dystopia. Yeah - that's a lot to combine! I will probably see the movie again sometime, or would be interested in seeing the comic books it was based on.

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