Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Just wanted to update everyone on how the pregnancy is going.

The biggest news -I am pretty sure I have been feeling the baby move! I felt it first late late Thursday night (also known as 4am Friday), When I was going to bed after seeing the midnight showing of the Harry Potter movie. DH has decided this should hence forth be described as "the baby clapped at the end of Harry Potter!!"

People love to ask a pregnany woman how she is doing, and I hate answering. I don't really want pity, or to go into the nitty gritty of it every five minutes, or be described as a whiner. DH and I came up with a great answer for me to use recently, which is "Physically feeling like crap, but in good spirits".

However, on my blog I do want to go into nitty gritty. On going symptoms include:
(1) ongoing morning sickness (to be really detailed... I have not had as much nausea, but my gagging is out of control)
(2) cramps, aches, pains
(3) heart burn
(4) emotional basketcase... tear up at anything, get mad easily
(5) lack of self control... I used to never voice the million of judgemental or mean or controversial things I think every day, now I can't seem to help it... I think this is tied in with the emotional basketcase part.
(6) can't get comfortable to sleep at night, or sometimes to sit
(7) ongoing shortness of breath
(8) difficulty getting up int he morning/fatigue

I think that about covers it, maybe??

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