Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Move

About 12 days left in Columbus and counting. There is a ton to do, and I have not been focused on it at all of course with a little man to take care of. Unsurprising. Now that I can use the stairs more than once a day (although I am still sore and limiting exertion), and people have started to come to help, it is time for me to pull this back onto a front burner. Some random info about the move, in case you are interested:

- My ILs are here this weekend. Their main purpose for the trip was to meet our little bry guy, however since they are here, and really all baby does is sleep, they are going to help us in the packing/cleaning department.

- My friend R who moved to CA last fall is in town for a visit, hoping we can tackle my closet tomorrow in an hour or two. It is hard to figure out what to keep and what to purge when I am not even sure what will fit me next week, let alone in 6 months.

- The brigades arrives on Jan 22nd - My older sister, BIL, brother, and FSIL. They will be here for about three days helping us pack, clean, and do some minor fixes around the house. They are even bringing the 28 ft trailer we will be packing into.

- Those four, plus DH, will be driving, with 4-5 pets, to Duluth. I will probably be flying with baby.

- When we get to Duluth, DH, baby and I will be living with my parents. They have cleared out two bedrooms for our use. The cats will be headed to my sisters heated garage/workshop, and the dog(s) will be with us at my parents house.

Wish us all a lot of luck - we need it!!

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