Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three Weeks Old!!

Benjamin is now 3 weeks old! We introduced the pacifier and he likes it a lot. It has made breastfeeding slightly more difficult, but no major problems, it just takes him longer to latch. It certainly hasn't hurt his nutrition - as of yesterday UW weighed 9 lbs 13 oz!! Holy chunker Batman! He still is eating pretty much every two hours. How much sleep I get varies greatly from night to night. I am actually typing this on DH's phone at 3am waiting for him to be asleep enough to put down.
Today is a day of firsts for him. It is moving day! First road trip, first crossing of the Mackinac
Bridge, first motel stay... By tommorrow night he will have been in four states!
My recovery isn't going as fast as I had thought it would. That has become (literally) painfully obvious in the past three days as we have packed etc. I still have a lot of muscular and skeletal pain in my nether regions, and intermittent skin/stitch pain. My tolerance for standing is very low. But it is improving so I am sure things will return to normal eventually!!

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Allison said... sound like you're doing great with BFing--congratulations! And he is just too stinking adorable!

I hope the move goes as smoothly as possible and you get some good rest once you're up in MN and settled.

When you get a chance, can you please send me your new home address?