Thursday, February 7, 2013

Snow Baby

Last weekend we finally found Benjamin shoes. We had issues finding size four shoes with hard souls for him to walk outside in. I am not sure why! Now he has a spiffy pair of grey, orange and lime green tennis shoes. He loves walking in them! Now that he has shoes that are made for walking (his previous boots kept his feet warm but were NOT made for walking), I have been letting him walk in and out of daycare. It is crazy adorable.

The Up-Down Game - Sometimes he is more interested in vocabulary than walking. He will ask for "up" and then after I walk a foot or two day "Da da da" and kick his legs. The thing is, he says "da" for everything. So I ask "do you want down?" and he laughs/smiles/wiggles and I put him down. 2 feet later its "up". Tonight I asked if he wanted down and he said "Daod" ... we are getting there maybe?

Face Plant - Tonight when we were walking out he wanted to touch the snow. He was trying to lean forward/crouch to touch it and he totally lost his balance and face planted into the snow. I was ready for waterworks, but he did not even whimper. He lifted his head and licked the snow off his bottom lip... and proceeded to try and grab more. He kept sitting down after that to try and grab snow!

Now that he is more into exploring snow, and better at standing/walking with something attached to his feet, I am looking forward to trying sledding and skating a second time!

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