Monday, February 4, 2013

Sleep Diaries: Weekend Flexing

One of the hard things about setting a sleep schedule is that its hard to be able to sleep in on weekends or do stuff in the evenings. I have heard horror stories about over tired babies going beserk when kept out past bedtime.

So I was cautious about "changing things up" when Benjamin's sleep had been going pretty well. But we needed some social time that was not dominated by baby. So, Friday night we decided to stay later than normal at my parents. We go over their for dinner quite frequently (averaging about once a week I would say), but normally we leave their house by 6:45pm. Benjamin goes to sleep in the car on the way home, and usually stays asleep as we transfer him to the crib (if not we do a normal bedtime routine). But we wanted to stay later than 6:45pm, so we decided to plan on doing bedtime their. We used to do this all the time. I mean, we lived with them until Benjamin was 6m old. When we moved out it seemed perfectly normal to go over there for a family BBQ or whatever and put Benjamin to sleep in one of the spare bedrooms. We even keep our PNP there are a crib now. But, as his bedtime got harder, we stopped doing it. With bedtime better, I thought we might give it another try.

February 1st 2013
Dinner was a bit late, so as the adults sat around finishing up dinner and talking, Benjamin was playing with magnets on the fridge, and I realized it was already 6:55pm! We gave him a bath and then started the normal bedtime routine as best as we could construct it in their guest bedroom. I had brought - a polar fleece blanket, his projector, the baby monitor, the seahorse, and a handful of pacifiers. I turned on the projector and fed him. (BTW, this is our projector, I know someone asked about what kind we have. We got it on big sale on Cyber Monday. It is fine for our purposes, I am actually shocked by how much he likes it give how simple it is). ANYWAYS. I did the projector and fed him, then when the projector finished, put him in the PNP (on the polarfleece) with his pacifier and seahorse. It did take longer than normal. I played the seahorse three times, but that is really only 15 minutes, so no biggie. He went down and stayed down throughout the evening, giving DH and I a chance to play some board games, hang out and have fun. When it came time to move him it went a lot better then expected. In fact he pretty much did not wake up at all, either when being put in the car, or being taken out of it and transferred to his crib. The rest of the night went smoothly.

February 2nd 2013 (Saturday) - He slept amazing! Napping etc was normal during the day. Over night he slept 7-10:45, 10:45-4:45, and 4:45 to 7. That is pretty darn good. He has been waking up at 7 or 7:20 on weekend. During the week we have to get him up at around 6:20am. I wish we could let him sleep in everyday!

February 3td 2013 (Sunday) - He would just NOT go down for his morning nap, so we through him in the car to go grocery shopping. He of course fell asleep right away. The weird part was he did not wake up when we got to the store! I carried him in fast asleep, when we laid him in the shopping cart. He slept the entire trip, including the car ride home. Pretty crazy that he slept through it all! In the afternoon, I made sure to put him down for a nap nice and early so  we could go to my brother's puppy bowl party. It went fine. He did wake up one extra time overnight compared to what has become "normal" (i.e. he ate at 11 and then woke up at 12:45, I love that that is no longer normal!). I think he probably woke up due to the stuffy nose.

February 4th 2013 - He did not nap well at daycare today, and we put him to bed a bit early.  I expect he will be waking up a couple extra times tonight for the same reasons as last night - stuffy nose.

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