Thursday, April 18, 2013

Curling Up

The main thing I wanted to post tonight - is it lame if its 8:15pm and I crawl into bed?

I think not. I think its awesome.

Its my "ME" night (assuming Benjamin stays asleep). Normally I either clean the kitchen or watch bad television I don't care about, or pointlessly surf the internet. But right now, I am thinking a nice sparkling water, a good book, curling up in bed 2 hrs early, sounds just about right.

I guess its probably especially a good night for curling up with a good book because its April 18th and its blizzard again. For the third time in a week. They say 6-12 inches by tomorrow morning. I am thinking it will be on the lighter end, but I guess we will see.

Remember a month ago when I talked about Spring teasing us with warm patches followed by snow? Well.. its not teasing us anymore. It just left Winter to do its thing as long as she wants. LOL.

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