Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wonderful Weekend

Benjamin spent Friday afternoon w my mom because of a mild fever (due to shots the day before). DH and I arrived at my parents house to find Benjamin and my mom walking down the drive way in the beautiful sun. Back at the house we all enjoyed pizza, then my Dad and I played with Benjamin while DH and mom tried to solve a computer issue. They didn't have much luck, we did have fun though. After we got home, (Benjamin tucked in bed), we watched some Doctor Who and relaxed.

Saturday morning Benjamin slept in nice and late! (7:45am). Then DH got up with him and gave him breakfast while I took my time waking up and showering etc (a nice luxury!). After we were all up and dressed, we walked the dog together and took Benjamin down to the playground, showed him the swings and slide. He loved it! He had a big grin on his face for all of it! So adorable!

Back at the house I had breakfast (shared with Benjamin as his "second breakfast"... He thinks he is a Hobbit) and we relaxed in the sunny window seat in the living room and watched the world go by.

After breakfast, we went to the library. DH and Benjamin enjoyed the play area while I went crazy and picked up a half dozen books I had not planned to, as well as the one book club book I actually needed. Then I joined them and we watched Benjamin take full advantage of the fun toys there. On the way home we stopped and got lunch.

In the afternoon we went outside and played in the driveway while DH got his motorcycle up and running. Benjamin especially liked sweeping the garage, splashing in the puddles, and poking the (rapidly melting) snow drift with a stick. He eventually wore out though and went down for a nap, giving us a chance to chillax for a bit. He woke up just in time to be tossed in the car for a trip back to my parents house for babysitting. I left him standing looking out the dining room window there, probably neighing at the horses.

DH and I then went out to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouses, where we split a full rack of ribs, but were so stuffed with the buttery rolls they give you, we could have split a half rack. LOL. We then headed over to see a play we got free tickets for at the local university (one of the local universities...). It was called Coriolana, based on the Shakespearean play Coriolanus (mainly they switched all the gender roles). It was admittedly rather confusing (the Shakespeare part I think, not the parts they changed). But, it was still a nice night out.

Sunday morning DH went to his office to do some work, so I got up with Benjamin at the crack of 6:20am. We hung out in my bed for awhile and read a bunch of books. Eventually we made our way downstairs and enjoyed a yummy and long drawn out breakfast together. We read more books, played with blocks, colored, and played with his Tonka truck. Then I made a grocery list while he looked out the dining room window more. Then off to the store on a grand adventure.

Back home, Benjamin went down for a LONG nap and I got the kitchen cleaned up, and DH arrived home. When Benjamin awoke we had a family lunch (ribs, mashed potatoes, banana, and mac&cheese), then walked down to the playground together. There were A LOT more kids their today (probably because it was the afternoon instead of 9am..). Benjamin liked everything! He was pretty fearless on the slides and bridge. He loved watching the other kids and poking the sand with sticks. They also have steering wheels, which he loved to "drive". When he got home we read a few more books, but then Benjamin went down for his afternoon nap and we all took a NICE LONG family nap. I woke up just in time to put the roast in the oven for dinner.

Dinner was again a family affair and delicious. Afterwards, Benjamin was a bit grumpy but decided he wanted to go back outside, so we strapped on our shoes and out on the porch, where he spent a good 20 minutes just running up and down. It was lots of fun to watch him enjoy it! (and no jackets on!) Then he went down for bed.

Could we ask for a better weekend? I don't think so....

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