Sunday, April 7, 2013

Poor Guy

I mentioned in my Friday post that Benjamin was sick, and that I hoped he felt better Saturday.

Well, he didn't.

If you don't want the "play by play" on his current illness, then find a different blog to read for the day!

Thursday and Friday morning I noticed Benjamin was a bit stuffed up, but nothing to be concerned about. Friday afternoon I got a call from daycare stating that he had a very goopy eye. They were not requiring I pick him up, but wanted me to know in case I wanted to call the doctor. I thought it was associated with his stuffed-upness so I did not call. When I went and picked him up at 5pm, the care giver had just taken his temperature and he had a temp of 101. He fell asleep in the car and, as scheduled, we headed out to my parents house as scheduled (if he was going to have a fussy evening I needed the extra hands even more!). He ate a decent dinner, played a little, had some tylenol and crashed. I moved him to his crib when I got home no problem, and DH arrived home a couple hours later.

Overnight Friday to Saturday he spiked a temperature of 103.6 (after the Tylenol wore off). He would not really settle back in, even with Ibprofuen aboard, so he slept in our room. Its been awhile since we resorted to that. In the morning he was still not very happy. More Tylenol. Goopy eyes on both sides now, lots and lots of snot, occasional productive sounding cough. He was extremely fussy when he was not medicated, then the meds would kick in and he would act a bit more like himself for awhile, though never full energy of course. He spent a lot of time sleeping/resting on one of our chests. At lunch, we fed him like normal, and halfway through he threw up a bit. We are pretty confident that this was due to phlegm/mucous/coughing, not to a stomach ache. He did continue to drink and took in lots of fluids throughout the day, and took an occasional nibble of cracker.

As we got into the evening he got fussier and worse. His temp was up again, meds again, but they did not seem to help as much. His eyes started to look more red and swollen. We ended up going to bed early with him between us again, as this is the only way he would stay asleep at all. The night was rough. I took his temp a couple times through out the night, never so high as to warrant another dose, but he was restless and obviously uncomfortable. This morning his eyes were so crusty/goopy/swollen and his temp was back up over 102. He was coughing more. We decided to head to urgent care when it opened at 8am. We were the first patients their and got in in no time. They diagnosed him with pinkeye, croup, and sinus infection, and gave us oral antibiotics, creme for his eye, and administered a one time dose of steroids to bring the swelling down in his airways. Poor guy! We hit the grocery, pharmacy, and McDs (for the adult types) on the way home. He DID NOT want to take the oral antibiotic. I don't really know how much of his dose actually made it down the gullet. We smeared the ointment on his eyes, and sat down. He was fussy for a bit. We turned on the TV, might be the second time ever that we actually TRIED to get him to watch TV or turned on something with him in mind. We put on Wreck-It Ralph. He watched it a bit, then maybe the meds kicked in, but he was happy for awhile, and then he passed out on the floor with DH for quite a while.

He woke up very fussy again but feeling cooler than he had all weekend. After trying to no avail to figure out what he wanted for 20-30 minutes, he finally asked to be put in his high chair, and he ate a decent lunch.

With the infection and just starting meds this mid-day, we are already planning for him to be out of daycare tomorrow (very inconveniently), maybe Tuesday too, but I am optimistic, we will see.

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