Sunday, August 18, 2013


New Job -  I now have one week of my new job under my belt, and things are good. I think I am going to enjoy the work (as expected)! As usual (for me), training is a bit slow/boring. I spend the extra time (for now at least), reading manuals etc. The job is complex enough that I might not run out of manuals to look at! LOL. I have an hour lunch at my new job, and I need to figure out what to do during it! There are some people I would like to meet for lunch, but I also would like to have a list of other options of things to do that are fun or productive in a one hour lunch downtown. I can walk to the library (and did so once this week), so that will def be on the list!

Family Time - Tuesday was DH's birthday - we went to dinner as a nuclear family and went out browsing cars for fun. Wednesday was my dad's birthday - we got together with everyone who was in town and had hamburgers and cake (and lots of laughs). Friday we had pizza at my parents house. Saturday night my sister and BIL came over to play Dh's new board game (7 Wonders).

Beautiful Weather - The weather here has been gorgeous all week. We have gone on lots of walks. Last night we went to The Portland Malt Shoppe. So good!! We have also spent a lot of time relaxing on our front porch. Benjamin plays on his bike (big wheel) or with his sports equipment (balls, hockey sticks, etc) while we sit on the porch swing, surf the web, mow the lawn, or play with him.

Sad Situation - I am currently preoccupied by a sad situation that is just beyond my social circle. My brother has a nephew (on his wife's side obviously) that is in the end stages of childhood leukemia. The boy's name is very similar to Benjamin, and he is a toddler (2.5?), and he has been sick pretty much his whole life. I have never met the family or child, but I can't get the situation out of my mind. As I ate my malt, played board games with my sister, and swung on my porch swing, somewhere south of here a little boy much like my son has been struggling to breathe; his parents watching their son die and trying to do anything to prevent what at this point seems inevitable. It breaks my heart. And there is absolutely nothing to be done about it.

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