Monday, June 2, 2014

Golden Birthday

I just celebrated my Golden Birthday this past weekend.

It did not exactly go as expected, but it still was good. I spent all day Friday at work trying to figure out what I Wanted to do in the evening to celebrate my Birthday - even asking friends and everyone for ideas. Well, that was all time wasted. I arrived home to a cranky, mess of an over-tired, sick toddler who did not understand why we couldn't "eat Birthday" right then and there when I walked in the door. All of that stress and the lack of plans sent me into a hormonal tailspin. It ended up with me upstairs cooling off while DH fed the boy some leftovers for dinner.

Once I got my sanity back, I came downstairs. We made birthday hats out of contruction paper and ate leftover work cake to appease the boy. DH got me a beautiful mamma necklace, and in light of recent comments from me about turning into a Buddhist, a paper-water desk thing (yeah that description is nonsensical.. oh well). Then, MIL and I ran out and picked up our dinner (we went for Arby's so I could at least get Jalepeno Poppers), and rent a movie. We watched The Book Thief. Excellent book, and was handled very well in the transition to a movie. I highly recommend it.

Saturday I got my real Birthday Meal (well, round one). I have been craving this since Mother's Day (when I thought of it and it didn't work out) - DH, Ben and I went to Duluth Grille for Breakfast. I got the Corn Beef Hash. LOVE that stuff. Then we met MIL and FIL back at home, spent the afternoon just relaxing, the boy was still pretty tired/not feeling 100%. In the evening, FIL made us fresh-caught Canadian Walleye (that he just brought back from his fishing trip. It was delicious. Then we watched Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels as FIL had not seen it and its a great movie.

Sunday Morning early, MIL and FIL had to leave. MIL has been here the entire week, FIL a night on either end of the week. Its always hard to see them go. Ben enjoys them so much, and they are great to have around (very helpful). I mean, it is nice to have a bit of quiet after having guests for awhile, but there is also so much I had hoped to do with them that we didn't get to do! Maybe next time.
I spent most of Sunday at my parent's house.. Mostly relaxing. In the evening we celebrated our Birthday's (my brother and I). The meal and company were both great.

I have to admit. This is not how I pictured spending my Golden Birthday when I was younger... But its suprising what you don't know when your a kid. When I was a kid, I always was a bit sad I had to wait so long for it when other kids had big birthday parties for their Golden Birthdays when we were younger. But, I soothed myself back then by thinking that since I would have it as an adult I could do something REALLY big, like a big trip or a big party. Of course, that is not how life works out. 8-year old me did not realize how much more having a kid and a pregnancy would mean to me then a trip or party.  An 8-year old doesn't understand that you can have anything, not everything, and the anything I have is pretty darn awesome. I happily threw away notions of a trip or party if it means I have the family I want. Happy Birthday to Me :) 

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