Monday, January 12, 2015


2014 was a fantastic year.

I am not saying nothing bad happened, of course bad things happened. Some very sad things happened. The loss of the oldest (a grandparent) and the very youngest (an unborn niece/nephew) were hard.

But, there is so much good. My life is very good and I want to take a moment to be thankful for it.
I live in a city I love. Everyday I get up and drive by Lake Superior to get to my job, where I can look at the lake all day (in between business). The lake speaks to my soul, it is my muse. That is incredibly cheesy, but I am finding out as I get older that many many many cheesy things are true. This city is nestled in a state that I also love, that has a sense of decency and community; a state that does well on healthcare, education, environmental policy, job creation.. the list could go on and on.

Oh, and that job I am driving to? Its a job I find fulfilling. I feel like my job has meaning, that it serves a purpose to help my community (the city and state I love). At that job, besides having a lakeview cubicle, I work with people with whom I enjoy spending time, and I believe they like me. My supervisor has confidence in me and I have upward mobility, and am already taking on more projects and more control over my work life.

After work, I drive to daycare. Its a daycare center that I TRUST and believe takes good care of my kids. It offers classes that at times turn it into a little community of support.

And then, of course, I meet my loving, hardworking husband there, and pick up my two healthy, beautiful children. Its amazing that it is plural now, and I can't express the weight that having a second child has lifted. The fear of never having the family we wanted, and havine to settle and get over it, is gone. And my children are growing and learning and changing. They are happy, they love their parents and we love them.

We pick up our Children and usually take them to our house; a house that is cozy and feels like a home to me. It is in a neighborhood that is safe, across from a golf course, within walking distance of a nice little playground, and a high school. We have all the material possessions we need, and many that we just want.

Sometimes instead of going home I take them to their grandparents. My parents, who support us and help us, who I get to laugh several times a week, who I drink beer with, eat good food with, and generally enjoy being around. Similarly, I get to see all my siblings as often as we make time for it. I can go to lunch with my sisters or dinner with my brother with no problem. They baby sit for use, we house sit for them. I love being near our extended family.

And every once in awhile, my in laws come visit. And they are wonderful people who love us and their grandchildren, who are generous and kind, who understand that we cannot be everywhere at once and do not hold it against us. They are welcome as often as they are willing to tolerate our chaotic house and cold weather.

2014 was a year where I was surrounded by love and satisfaction from every direction.

This is the stuff happily ever after is made of.

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