Monday, January 5, 2015

Felicity's First Christmas

We had a fantastic Christmas.

Christmas eve Aaron took the kids to my parent's house to make cookies (Benjamin REALLY likes cutting cookies out, which we had learned when we made Salt Dough ornaments... another hilarious story that didn't quite make it into the blog...). I was at work.

In the evening we went to my parents house and had the traditional "Eat whatever you want" meal. My dad and I had reubens, my mom and DH had shrimp, Benjamin had hotdog, mac&cheese, and olive, and Felicity has mama's milk!. We let Benjamin (and technically Felicity) unwrap one gift- their ornaments. Benjamin got Jake the Pirate and Felicity got a Precious Moments baby's first Christmas. Then we read Twas' the Night Before Christmas. Benjamin liked it so much we read it twice.

On Christmas morning, Ben SLEPT IN!! It is an extremely rare event. He slept in until about 8am. I was able to get up before him, get breakfast started, have my coffee, it was so lovely. Then he got up and we did Christmas gifts under the tree. His big gift from Santa was a pirate ship. Felicity got magnetic stacking "rings".  DH got me a Chromecase for the bedroom (YAY!!) and I got him an Everton shirt.

We hung around at home for another hour and then headed to my parent's house, where we ate and ate and ate, and opened presents and more presents and more presents. It was a really fun day. My family this year decided to only spend $7.13 per person (and exchange stockings through a name draw). It worked out really well, lots of very creative gifts. I got a quidditch set, for example, that I can set up in my yard and play (the tallest hoop is 6 ft tall). We also did something a bit different for food - we used crockpots for everything except the Ham and pies. It made life so much easier that we probably will try it again despite the kinks that need to be worked out.

It was such a wonderful day. I hope that every Christmas can be as nice as it was!

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