Monday, January 26, 2015

Miss Fliss - 4 Months Old

Felicity turned 4m old a few days ago.

People ask if she can roll. I don't think so. I am sure she gets lots of time to try this at daycare... in the precious time I have with her in the evenings I do not put her down much. She is pretty much held from 4:30pm - 10pm every night, with occasional interruptions. Not much chance to see if she can roll. She does like to sit up, propped on the couch or held on your lap, or to stand up with your assistance.

She is very vocal. She went through a very talkative phase where she was babbling a lot. Lately now her newest thing is blowing raspberries. Yes, she can blow a raspberry, though she spends much more time TRYING to do  it then actually doing it. See?

She smiles all of the time. If someone is looking at her, holding her, paying attention, she is happy. She likes it when you sing to her or make little sounds at her, or even just talk. As happy as she is, she also is more vocal about being unhappy when she isn't. I am starting, however, to get pretty good at reading her as to what she is unhappy about, so that's nice.

She isn't sleeping great. It really varies night to night... sometimes every two hrs, sometimes more like 4 hrs, she is awake to eat. The one annoying thing is she really wants to get up at 5:20. No matter what else she does, she seems to wake up about a half hr before my alarm just to taunt me (I kid, LOL, but it is annoying!!)

 Her hand-eye coordination is pretty neat. She can take her pacifier in and out of her mouth.She can, and does, grab any toy you give to her. She is getting to that age when you have to be careful with her at the table because she might try to grab your plate or your glass. She takes anything she can get her hands on and brings it up to her mouth. Her drooly, wet mouth. She really is a drooler!!

Her stats - 24.5 Inches (57%), 14lb2oz (53%), 70% head. She is slowing down.

I love holding her, and kissing her chubby cheeks (all the time), and her cool forehead when she sleeps. I love how her lip keeps moving to suckle long after her sleepy mouth has dropped the pacifier. I love her tiny hands grabbing mine and how she grabs at and scratches my arm when she is trying to comfort herself. (She scratches many things!!). I love her little kicks and how chill she is most of the time,content to hang out in my arms, looking out on what is going on. I am in no rush for her to grow up, just trying to take it day by day and get as many kisses as I can along the way.

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