Monday, August 24, 2015

Felicity at 10 Months 10 Days

I have now fallen victim to forgetting how fast things change TWO months in a row. On August 3rd, when I posted the last "late kid update", I started to write the new update. I thought it was going to be the "11m" update. I mean, it was only three weeks early.

But of course, in the life of baby, three weeks is ages.


Felicity at 10 months 10 days

How fast does this little girl change and grow?

In the couple weeks she has started to really try to walk and stand. Before she seemed afraid to let go, even though she could remain upright if she did so, she just did not want to let go. Now she will let go, or try to kneel and stand without aid, or stand while vaguely leaning on something with her shins. She wants to learn to balance and walk and move like us.

I love to watch her play. I like to see how her little brain is learning. She actually plays with toys now instead of just banging them together or eating them. She likes to take magnets on and off the dishwasher. She will put toys (such as megablocks) into the Tonka dumptruck bed, filling it up. She rolls the dump truck. Yesterday, she lifted the dumper so it was up, and then experimented with putting items "in" the truck (between the cab and lifted bed). She tried the DVD remote, and when it made a clanging noise, as it was big and awkard to fit in, she went crazy clang clang clanging it every which way. She likes to take things apart. When we have Mega Blocks out, or foam puzzle blocks, I build things as fast as she unbuilds them, though she has also started to show interesting in building, for example, handing me two puzzle block pieces together, and then when I attach them, handing me a third and watching me attach it, etc.

This girl likes to eat. She still is getting breast milk several times a day both from the bottle at daycare and directly from the source. On top of that she loves meal time. Her favorites are blueberries, cottage cheese, shredded cheese, puffs, baked beans, olived, pickles, and pretty much everything else we have tried. She originally did not like bananas, but has since changed her mind. She likes all of the random casseroles and pasta salads we have given her. She likes pizza. She likes food. DH says that she would eat forever if you just stayed at the table and kept putting things in front of her.

Sleep wise is really hit or miss. She has slept through the night a handful of times but it is extraordinarily rare. More common is waking 1-2 times a night to eat. Usually if it is two times a night, the first is very close to my bedtime (like 10:30-11:30pm) and the second is really the middle of the night. She occasionally has a really bad night where she just does not seem to want to stay asleep at all. On these nights, all bets are off. I do attempt co-sleeping sometimes when she gets like this and its hit or miss. Sometimes she sleeps peacefully nestled in my arms, other times she thrashes and whines and  its a total disaster. I still am much more rested than I was with Ben at this age, because his sleep was even worse.

She knows the word book. If you ask her "do you want to read a book?" or "get the book" or "can you hand me the book?" She will look around, find it and hand it to you. A lot of the times she just grabs it back and tries to close and open the pages, but now she is getting to the point where she will let you read it and she will pay attention. She seems especially drawn to a small little book called "shapes" and we have even caught her mimicking the word "triangle" from it.

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